Use VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter Command Line to Split PDF files when the text content at a specific position changes

In the realm of PDF document management, efficiently extracting specific content based on keywords is a common necessity. VeryPDF addresses this need with its powerful tool – the VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter Command Line. This command-line utility empowers users to seamlessly split PDF files based on designated keywords, offering a streamlined solution for document organization and extraction. In this article, we will guide you through the process of utilizing this tool to enhance your PDF content management experience.


Getting Started:
To begin harnessing the capabilities of VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter Command Line, start by downloading the trial version from the official website: [VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter Command Line Trial]( ).

After downloading, run the following command line to obtain information about all text contents in the PDF pages:

pdfcs.exe -listtext D:\Downloads\test.pdf

This command will generate detailed information about the text content on each page of the specified PDF file, making it easier to identify keywords and their positions.

Identifying Keywords and Positions:
The command output will display text content and their corresponding positions on each page. For instance:

[200.76, 139.92, 205.56, 150.72] 'Jack'
[200.76, 139.92, 205.56, 150.72] 'Jerry'

These lines indicate the positions (x1, y1, x2, y2) and the associated text content. In this example, the names "Jack" and "Jerry" are at the position (200.76, 139.92).

Splitting PDF Pages by Keyword:
Once you've identified the keyword and its position, you can use the following command line to split the PDF pages based on that keyword:

pdfcs.exe -x 200 -y 139 -mode 0 D:\Downloads\test.pdf D:\Downloads\test_out.pdf

In this command:

- `-x 200 -y 139` specifies the position of the keyword.
- `-mode 0` instructs the splitter to group continuous PDF pages containing the same text at the specified position.

This command will create a new PDF file (`test_out.pdf`) containing the grouped pages based on the chosen keyword.

✅ Benefits and Features:
1. Precision in Content Extraction:
VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter Command Line ensures accurate extraction of content based on specified keywords, maintaining the integrity of the original document.

2. Efficient Batch Processing:
With support for batch processing, the tool enables users to split multiple PDF files simultaneously, saving time and effort in document management.

3. Customizable Output:
Users can customize the splitting criteria, specifying the position and mode for extracting content based on their unique requirements.

4. Cross-Platform Compatibility:
The command-line utility is compatible with various operating systems, providing flexibility in usage across different platforms.

VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter Command Line stands as a powerful and efficient solution for users seeking to streamline PDF content management. By leveraging its capabilities to split PDF files based on keywords, users can enhance document organization and extract relevant information with ease. Download the trial version today and explore the full potential of this versatile tool in optimizing your PDF document workflow.

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