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VeryPDF Software is one of the world's leading PDF software vendors. VeryPDF Software products are used by over 25 million people worldwide.

VeryPDF Software has been developing and publishing productivity software, development kits and custom solutions focusing on Portable Document Format (PDF) and Electronic Forms since 1998. Our mission is to provide end-users and developers high quality, easy-to-use and most affordable PDF and electronic forms utilities and solutions. The company was established in 1998 year.

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  1. Can you kindly provide me information that whether it is possible to in-memory covert the HTML into PDF i.e. we don’t have to save the PDF at output path.
    We want to convert the Receipt html into PDF which user can save it on it’s local machine, but we want that the PDF should not be saved on server machine.

    Looking for your reply……

    Adeel Qamar

    1. Thanks for your message, VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter does convert HTML file to PDF file on disk, it can’t convert HTML stream to PDF stream in memory, we will try to implement conversion in memory function in the future releases.

  2. I would like to find out if you have a software solution that would allow us to extract comments (markups to building plan sets) that could be imported into a summary document (correction notice letter?)

    I have a screen capture composite that shows the concept. How can I get it to you.
    Best regards,
    Richard Morrey

  3. I have a doubt: very pdf html converter can’t preserve the original color of a html text table why? program convert the text color table into grey.

  4. I noticed that you can convert from most versions of PCL. You also seem to have knowledge of the PCL3 GUI specification. We have been looking for the PCL3 GUI specification without any success. Would you be willing to share or sell us a copy of the PCL3GUI documentation or direct us to a source where we can get or buy a copy?

    1. Thanks for your message, yes, we are familiar with PCL3 GUI specification, we have working on PCL format lots of years. However, we haven’t the PCL3 GUI specification for sharing or sale. We suggest you may contact to HP company, maybe they can provide some PCL3 GUI documents to you.

  5. I am using command line doc2pdf to convert Word documents to postscript files. The problem I am having is that some of the text on a page of the Word document is wrapping onto another page in the postscript file. For example one page in the Word document is creating two pages in the postscript file. Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening?

    1. Thanks for your message, you can increase the paper size before the conversion, for example,

      “C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.1\doc2pdf.exe” -f 8 -i C:\test.doc -o C:\out.pdf

      -f 8 is the A3 paper size, you can choose A0 or A1 or A2 paper size too, the larger paper size will work better for you.

    1. Yes, the pdf to swf converter does convert PDF file to SWF file with selectable text contents, that’s no problem.

  6. Which product shall I use?

    Background: a teacher makes a command for PDF’s to be stamped with student name, class, school, other info for her class of 30 students so that each PDF is unique to the student. The system then stamps and prints the batch.

    I am using WordPress with a membership management plug-in. Which of your products tie in with any membership management systems or eCommerce systems for word press?


  7. Hi dear,
    Im currently working in a project to export dwg to pdf and we are trying your solution.
    Your solution works fine, but at moment i call the exe file from c# code, a key is required.
    Im facing problems at moment key is required, so i cant test if it work properly from command line.
    Can you please give me a temporary key for test purpose?
    Vander Pina

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