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VeryPDF PDF Editor can be used to annotate, comment and edit PDF files, As a PDF editor, VeryPDF PDF Editor gives you the complete tool set to edit any text, graphics, pages, security, links, bookmarks, and metadata contained in your PDF files, allowing you to prepare PDF files that are ready and optimized for distribution. Best of all, with our PDF editor you can edit documents made from any PDF creation tool, including those originally produced in Adobe Acrobat.

Change the PDF files today! You are able to write annotations, add text, modify the text (adjust spelling errors, change old telephone number*...) or delete words completely. Add or delete pictures, rectangles, lines and add text in any font you want! Select, move, copy and paste text, picture and vector graphic objects with the edit comments and edit contents tools.

VeryPDF PDF Editor is a great PDF Editor program that can edit the page objects directly!.
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VeryPDF PDF Editor is a Free PDF Reader
VeryPDF PDF Editor is a Free PDF Viewer
Annotate PDF files by VeryPDF Annotator
Comment PDF files by PDF Comment software
It is not necessary to install any Adobe Acrobat software, such as Adobe PDF Reader, Adobe PDF Writer, PDF Editor is not need install a visual PDF Printer, PDF Editor is a stand alone product.

The main interface of VeryPDF PDF Editor is simple and easy to understand, it is one WYSIWYG PDF builder, what you see is what you get, and you can insert text, image and shape, then drop, resize and move these PDF elements with your mouse.