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Comparison among Image to PDF Converter, Image to PDF Converter Command Line, Image to PDF Converter & Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line bundle and Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line:



Image to PDF Converter

Image to PDF Converter Command Line Image to PDF Converter & Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line

Image2PDF OCR Command Line

Convert TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PCX, PIC, DCX etc. formats to Raster PDF files

Combine multiple directories and images into one PDF file
Convert multiple image files to multiple PDFs
Convert multiple directories to multiple PDFs
Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat

Convert multi-page TIFF, DCX files to PDF

Automatic image compression based on the image type
Automatically adjust page size to image size
Sort filenames for conversion
Support recursive conversion
Support despeckling (removes noise)
Support skew-correction
CCITT G4 for B&W PDF page
DCTDecode for color PDF page
Recognize and invert black and white images automatically
40 bit encryption
128 bit encryption
Prevent printing, editing, copying of the document
Open password
Owner password
Generating PDF files with outline (bookmark)
Set the resolution in DPI
Append to existing PDF
Insert before first page of existing PDF
Rename or overwrite if file exists
Handle millions of pages
Set PDF summary information
Specify page size
PDF (Image Only)
Preview image files before conversion      
Support drag and drop      
Monitor multiple directories      
Support scanner      
Set scanner options      
Support wildcard character, for example: *.tif, a*.tif, etc.  
Support command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)  
Merge image files from .TXT file  
Support multithreaded environment    
Support server environment    
Call from VB, VC, Delphi, BCB, ASP, Java, .NET, etc. program languages    
Support Unicode EMF/WMF conversion      
Combine PDF files      
Support of 60 character sets, including 17 CJK character sets and Unicode EMF/WMF files conversion      
Convert Metafile (EMF/EMF) to vector PDF      
Encrypt PDF file directly      
PDF (Image with Hidden Text)      
Accurate OCR engine      
Free TIFF Command Line Tools*      
*Free TIFF Command Line Tools contain following tools        

Display information about one or more TIFF files


Display the verbatim contents of the TIFF directory in a file (it's very useful for debugging bogus files that you may get from someone that claims they support TIFF)


Copy, concatenate, and convert TIFF images (e.g. switching from Compression=5 to Compression=1)


A simple program to convert a color image to grayscale


Create one or more single-image files from a (possibly) multi-image file