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PDF Scanner SDK for iOS, Mobile Scanner SDK $399.00


PDF Scanner SDK for iOS

  • Power Your iOS Apps with Document Scanning
  • Turn your smartphone into a scanner!
  • Scan documents with your iPhone or iPad
  • Scan Paper Documents to High-quality Images
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Turn your smartphone into a fast multi-page document scanner with VeryPDF PDF Scanner SDK. PDF Scanner SDK for iOS automatically produces small, clear, and legible standard PDF documents from any photos at a very high speed.


VeryPDF PDF Scanner SDK for iOS adds an additional value to mobile applications and services by enabling high-quality document scanning and processing using a camera built into a smartphone or tablet. SDK processes paper document photos in order to make them look as if a traditional flatbed scanner has scanned them.


VeryPDF PDF Scanner SDK for iOS provides developers with an intelligent, highly efficient toolkit, which offers an easy way to add image processing features that are optimized for document photos that are taken by a mobile device or document camera to their applications.


Designed to ensure the smooth operation of a paperless workflow by pre-processing paper document images, SDK makes them easier to handle by text recognition (or optical character recognition - OCR) programs, enhancing the visual quality and legibility of documents.


Easily integrate document detection & scanning capabilities in your app. The SDK is ready to be used in your iOS project right away. VeryPDF PDF Scanner SDK is already implemented in several live applications used by lots of customers. We also use it in our iPhone and iPad apps, Check out all of VeryPDF Apps in App Store.


We offer dedicated support and continous improvement and extension of the SDKs functionality.

System Requirements

  • Apple iOS 6.x and later (iPhone and iPad)
  • Xcode 5.x (SDK 7) and later
  • Objective-C and C++ language bindings included

Features of PDF Scanner SDK for iOS

General Functions
  • PDF Scanner SDK for iOS is a document scanner SDK for your mobile applications.
  • Precise document area boundaries detection.
  • Adaptive image binarization optimizes for future text recognition (OCR).
  • Image processing for rotating, cropping, filtering and perspective correction, optimized for the needs of document scanning.
  • Document Detection: Fast edge detection and document extraction.
  • Scanning UI: Guiding the user in an optimal position for capturing the document.
  • Auto-Cropping: Including perspective correction, dog-ear correction, ignoring of fingers in a picture etc.
  • Smart Crop: Fully automatic Document Borders detection, Cropping, and Perspective Correction without manual interaction. Manual adjustments for fine tuning.
  • Image & Document Preparation: Filtering and image optimization.
  • PDF Creation : PDF document creation and sharing.
  • Save your scans as a PDF or as a picture in the JPEG file format.
  • Scan all kinds of documents: contracts, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, flip charts notes, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Scan your documents as fast and easily as you can imagine.
  • Just hold your mobile device over a document and let PDFScanner SDK take the scan for you in the perfect moment.
  • Color Optimization: You can optimize your scans for black and white, grayscale and color.
  • PDFScanner SDK's perspective correction straightens the scanned document before it gets converted into a PDF file.
  • Create Multi-Page PDF Documents, digitize anything like a multi-page contract or several pages of meeting notes.
  • True Black & White image processing to produce tiny documents with lossless compression. Compare to ordinary JPEG: ~20x smaller with no pixel lost for compression.
  • Custom PDF page sizes including flexible (like long receipts).
  • All operations run in Full Automatic mode - without the necessity of user interference.
  • Image processing and enhancement in full auto - no tedious manual adjustments necessary.
  • Share documents as PDF or image files with ease.
  • Automatically set brightness, contrast and color values.
  • Post-processing for PDF and JPEG files
  • PDFScanner SDK supports iOS 8 and higher.
    Are you looking for a custom-build version of PDFScanner SDK? No problem, please feel free contact us.

Areas of Use:

Financial service

  • Mobile bill payment
  • Remote deposit capture
  • New account opening
  • Signature cards
  • Supporting documents
  • Expense management
  • Credit card balance transfer
  • ACH enrollment
  • Stored value card


  • Claims reporting
  • Loss notification
  • Incident reporting
  • Customer onboarding
  • Insurance card


  • Patient registration and onboarding
  • Supporting documents

Transportation & Logistics

  • Proof of delivery
  • Bills of lading
  • Expense management

Typical Applications

  • Paper capture: Electronic archiving of paper documents received as incoming mail within a company.
  • Facsimile capture: Electronic archiving of all fax transactions between the company and its business partners.
  • Archive migration: Migration of paper archives to an electronic archive with the PDF format.
  • Web/mobile capture: Use of the central service in client/server applications via a web service.
  • Enterprise application integration: Use of the central service for PDF document creation via a programming interface (API).

Technical Details

Input Sources

  • Mobile Camera in iPhone and iPad

Output Formats


Programming Skills

  • Objective-C and C++ languages
  • Xcode Framework
  • Mac OS X Platform
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