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PDF Highlighter Command Line and SDK


PDF Highlighter Shell

  • Convert keywords in PDF pages to Hyperlinks
  • Fast and powerful hit highlighting for PDF files
  • Annotate PDF using predefined keywords and phrases
  • Multicolor hit highlighting for different keywords
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VeryPDF PDF Highlighter software lets you search and highlight keywords in PDF files easily. This software provides a variety of useful functions for editing PDF. For example, you can easily add highlights, strikethroughs, underlines hyperlinks and notes to any keywords in the PDF document.


VeryPDF PDF Highlighter ensures that same terms are assigned the same color. The highlighter automatically assigns colors to different terms, making the document review process more user-friendly and efficient.


Batch PDF Highlighter can automatically annotate all your PDF documents using a file containing predefined keywords and phrases. You can assign a color to each individual phrase and optionally a category tag.

You can use PDF Highlighter to highlight multiple search terms and phrases with ease!


We offer dedicated support and continuous improvement and extension of the software's functionality.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11 and later systems
  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems

Features of PDF Highlighter

General Functions
  • Highlight multiple search terms and phrases in PDF pages with ease.
  • Support all version of PDF formats.
  • Detect filenames in PDF pages and add hyperlinks to make them clickable.
  • Add the hyperlinks to the filenames which exist in current folder only.
  • Filter filenames by extension, such as, .PDF; .DOC; .DOCX; .XLS; .XLSX; .PPT; .PPTX; .TXT; .RTF; .TIF; .JPG; .PNG; .GIF; .HTM; .HTML; .ZIP; .RAR, etc.
  • Detect URLs in PDF pages and add hyperlinks to make them clickable.
  • Able to set border color and border width options to the border of hyperlinks.
  • Support Line Style to the borders, include: Solid Border, Dashed Border, Beveled (three-dimensional) Border, Inset Border, Underlined Border.
  • Support Line Thickness option, include: Invisible, Thin, Medium, Thick.
  • Support Dash1 and Dash2 options to Dashed Border.
  • Support Highlight Style option, include: None, Invert, Outline, Inset.
  • Convert keywords in PDF pages to clickable URLs.
  • Add various background color and opacity options to different keywords.
  • Convert keywords to various annotations, include: Text, Link, FreeText, Line, Square, Circle, Polygon, PolyLine, Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, StrikeOut, Stamp, Caret, Ink, Popup, FileAttachement, Sound, Movie.
  • Convert keywords to various predefined stamps, include: SBNotApproved, SBInformationOnly, SBApproved, SBDraft, SBFinal, SBCompleted, SBConfidential, SBForPublicRelease, SBNotForPublicRelease, SBForComment, SBVoid, SBPreliminaryResults.
  • A Complete Solution for PDF Document. Extensive API supports PDF viewing, page annotation, page and document manipulation, interactive form filling, import and export from various formats, PDF stamping, splitting and merging, text search and highlighting, content extraction, redaction, optimization, PDF/A support, PDF to Image / Text / Word / PowerPoint / Excel format conversion, PDF Creator, etc. For details please see feel free contact us.
  • Are you looking for a custom-build version of PDF Highlighter? No problem, please feel free contact us.

Technical Details

Input Formats

  • PDF

Output Formats

  • PDF

Product Variants

  • Shell Tool (Command Line)
  • API & SDK (Programming Interface)
  • COM & ActiveX (Programming Interface)
  • Command Line Tool for Linux System
  • Command Line Tool for Mac System

Programming Languages
All program libraries are written in efficient and thread-safe C++. API offers a selection of the following connections to programming languages:

  • C#, VB .NET, J# via .NET
  • Java via JNI
  • MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, MS Office products such as Access and C++ via COM
  • C and C++ via native C
  • Delphi, VC, VB
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