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How to break PDF pages into pieces in Windows or Mac OS X?

You can use VeryPDF PDF Advanced PDF Page Cut to break PDF pages into pieces in Windows or Mac OS X systems. This page aims to show you how to break PDF pages into pieces in Windows systems or Mac OS X.

The GUI interfaces of Windows and Mac versions of this application are almost same, and operations on both versions are exactly same, so after you get Windows version or Mac OS X version installed on your computer, just open its GUI interface on screen.

When you want to add PDF files, please click Open on GUI interface to get file picker window, then select one PDF file there, then later on, it could display in preview panel with pages thumbnails. Of course, this application supports drag and drop of adding PDF file.

After you add PDF file, there are several ways for you to add cutting line for breaking PDF pages into pieces:

  • Click on GUI interface, you can draw vertical lines in PDF preview page for cutting PDF page into vertical pieces.
  • Click on GUI interface, you can draw horizontal lines in PDF preview page in order to cut PDF page into horizontal pieces.
  • Click on GUI interface, firstly, there could be a dialog box popping out, and then, you can add grid according to quantities of horizontal lines and vertical lines you type in edit-boxes of dialog box, after you click Ok, a grid could display in PDF preview page, according to which, PDF page could be broken into pieces once you give command.


Here is snapshot of one example for you to refer to:

Break PDF pages into pieces in VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut


After you select one of breaking modes, of course, you could remove selected lines or clear all lines or whole grid through related tool buttons. You can also adjust pieces size due to adjustment on Line Position edit-box or just move each lines in PDF preview page directly.

After all prepared work is done as above, you have right to get single page cut later or all PDF pages cut later:

Click Apply > select radio Pages or Selected pages in order to set all pages, odd pages, even pages or just selected pages manually for cutting, then, please click OK to get this action realized.

After application above, please click Cut and Save on GUI interface, and then, after you select targeting folder in pop dialog box, please click Save there so that program starts to break PDF pages into pieces instantly, and those pieces turn into independent pages of new PDF file. Here is the snapshot about broken PDF pieces:

Broken pieces of PDF page


The description above is about how to use VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut to break PDF pages into pieces in both Windows and Mac OS X systems. And for more operations on this application, please visit user guide.

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