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I would like to know why i’m getting a error when i’m trying to convert Excel filetypes(xls, xlsx)  to jpeg. I run this simple command:

- C:\test\doc2any\doc2any_cmd>doc2any -useoffice 0 c:\test\img.xls c:\test\test\img.jpg
- C:\test\doc2any\doc2any_cmd>doc2any -useoffice 1 c:\test\img.xls c:\test\test\img.jpg

This is the error i’m getting when i run one of the above commands:
You have 274 time to evaluate this product, you may purchase a full version from
Conversion time = 0ms
c:\test\leeg.xls ==> c:\test\test\img.jpg, result=ERROR
TickCount = 0ms(0.00s), Result = 0

Converting Excel files to pdf files works fine, but I want to convert them to jpeg.
Please add "-debug" parameter to try again, "-debug" parameter will print detailed information, for example,

doc2any -debug -useoffice 0 c:\test\img.xls c:\test\test\img.jpg
doc2any -debug -useoffice 1 c:\test\img.xls c:\test\test\img.jpg
doc2any -debug -useoffice 1 -useprinter c:\test\img.xls c:\test\test\img.jpg

if you still have same problem, please email to us the log message, after we checked your log message, we will figure out a solution to you shortly.

Thank you for your response. I got it working by adding -useoffice 1 -useprinter.

Is there a option to up the quality of the created .jpg files? I have converted a .xls document to .jpg using the following command:

- doc2any -useoffice 0 -useprinter c:\idiligo\img.xls c:\idiligo\test\img.jpg

I have added the result in a attachment. The quality is not that great. You can see the jpeg artifacts appear around the pink colored squares. Is there a option like pdf2any's "-q 95" or something?
Thnx in advance.
Please run following command line to try again, the following command line will convert your XLS file to high quality JPEG image,

doc2any -useoffice 1 -useprinter -xres 300 -yres 300 c:\idiligo\img.xls c:\idiligo\test\img.jpg


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