How to convert documents of MS PowerPoint to png?

PNG  file format was design to surpass the limitations of gif or others, then it can be use by those who develop website and can avoid having to worry about the patent licenses associated with other formats. And in order to make the source png file more bountiful, we can try to get the resource from all the printable files. So in this article, I will show you how to convert the printable file to image file, say  PowerPoint to image then PowerPoint to png. If you are interested in this topic, please read this article.

I will take the conversion from PowerPoint to png for example to show you the detail steps. Then this way can be widely used in all the conversion from printable file to image file or PDF file.

Need finish the conversion in less than three seconds, I can not make it alone. I need a assistant named docPrint Pro which is a software, as its name implies, it can use the printer principle to convert the PowerPoint to image. If you use the printer to print a file, it will be shown in the paper form. However, the docPrint Pro can print all the file in form of image or PDF file that can be edited.  I do the conversion in the following steps.

As I need docPrint Pro to work for me, I have to get it to my PC. Just click the download link, then you can get this exe file in a few seconds. It is so small in size that it can be place at anywhere. Simply double click the icon then you can let it work. As the downloading part, it is free. You can have a try.

  • Make the conversion.

First, you need to add PowerPoint to docPrint Pro. Then set the output file format as png file format. If you need to adjust the image resolution and color depth, please also make it at setting part. Then click the button “Start” to end the conversion. The whole process  can be illustrate in the following pictures.

add file to docPrint Pro

set output options

  • Check the conversion.

In a few seconds, then you can get the new PowerPoint in the form of png.  Then this is the end of the conversion from PowerPoint to png. If you meet any difficulty in file format conversing, please feel free to email us at . We will reply you at once. Thanks for your reading and visiting in advance.

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