How to replace a text word in a scanned PDF file or an image based PDF file or a graphics based PDF file or a AutoCAD drawing PDF file?

Dear Support,

Please find, attached, a sample PDF File of a typical drawing.

If you open the file you will, for testing purposes only, see two instances of the word "COLLAR".

I have tried replacing the text with your software but I cannot get it to change the text.

Say, change the text from "COLLAR" to "TESTING" for example.

Can you please try the file to see if you are getting the same results?


Can you please email me a sample "Command Line" text file to allow me to change the text?

The input PDF File, including the path is....

X:\Documents\Drawing Files\0206\A3L-0206-006.pdf

The output PDF File, including the path is....


Kind Regards
Thanks for your sample PDF file, we have checked this PDF file just now, this PDF file contains only graphics, the "COLLAR" text is also the outlines, it's made up of a lot of lines, so you can't use pdftr.exe to replace this word directly.


However, you can use "PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line" to convert this PDF file to a searchable PDF file first, then you can use pdftr.exe to replace "COLLAR" word to "TESTING" new word, please refer to the detailed steps at below.

1. Please download "PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line" from this web page,

after you download it, you can unzip it to a folder, then you can run following command line to convert your vector PDF file to searchable PDF file,

pdf2txtocr.exe -ocr -ocrmode 3 D:\downloads\0206_006.pdf D:\downloads\0206_006-ocr.pdf

"0206_006-ocr.pdf" file contains a new text layer, so you can search "COLLAR" text in this new PDF file properly.

2. You can use "VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer Command Line (pdftr.exe)" to replace "COLLAR" to "TESTING" with following command line,

pdftr.exe -searchandoverlaytext "COLLAR=>TESTING" D:\downloads\0206_006-ocr.pdf D:\downloads\0206_006-new.pdf

You will get a new PDF file with "TESTING" word a few seconds.

"VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer Command Line (pdftr.exe)" can be downloaded from this web page,

Please notice, the latest official version of pdftr.exe doesn't support "Hidden Text Layer" yet, so it will fail to replace "COLLAR" to "TESTING" in the OCRed PDF file, but our engineer will release a new version of pdftr.exe shortly, the next version of pdftr.exe will support "Hidden Text Layer", it will try to find a word in "Hidden Text Layer", and place a new word overlay that found word.

After you purchase the "VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer Command Line (pdftr.exe)" software, we will ask our engineer to prepare and send a new version of pdftr.exe to you within two or three business days.

Thank you.

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