How to call 32bit PDF Parser & Modify Component (pdfparsersdk2.dll) DLL library from 64bit EXE application?


I'm using "VeryPDF PDF Parser & Modify Component for .NET Developer License" product currently, I have a question, is Verypdf is compatible with 64 bit applications?

Thank you.


VeryPDF PDF Parse & Modify Component for .NET,

Thanks for your message, "VeryPDF PDF Parser & Modify Component for .NET Developer License" contains a 32bit version of pdfparsersdk2.dll library. pdfparsersdk2.dll hasn't a 64bit version yet, if you wish call it from a 64bit application, you may by following steps to solve this problem,

1. You may create a 32bit Command Line application to call pdfparsersdk2.dll library,

2. You may call this 32bit Command Line application from your 64bit application, you can pass the filename and other parameters as command line arguments to 32bit EXE application.

3. 32bit EXE receives command line arguments and call pdfparsersdk2.dll library to parse the PDF files, and return the results to 64bit application by a temporary file or other methods.

4. OK, finish the PDF parsing process.

If you have any question for above method, please feel free to let me know, I'm glad to assist you asap.


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