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How do I extract image file from PDF to jpg?

Question:I have a PDF image file that I want to upload to FaceBook but I can only upload jpg files to FaceBook . That's why I need to extract image file from PDF to jpg. Meanwhile is there any totally … Continue reading

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Is it possible to copy a single page from a PDF file?

Question:You see I want to copy one or two pages from a PDF document I got in an E-mail. And then I want to re-send it again in G-mail. I just need to sign on one of then page and … Continue reading

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How to translate PDF file in Japanese to English?

Question: Anyone know any website that can translate a PDF file of Japanese to English? I use Google translator but it didn't work. I need this translation to be done as soon as possible or is there anybody good in … Continue reading

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How can I number PDF document sequentially yet skip a few pages?

Question: My boss needs me to a) insert page numbers into PDF starting on page 4 but with the number 1 and b) not have the numbering visible on a few select pages throughout. Say page 17 is to be … Continue reading

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