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How to use PDF Editor software to add sequential Bates Numbers and sequential Barcodes to PDF pages? how to add barcode based on text into the PDF?

I need to be able to insert a sequential barcode in a designated location on a PDF, and I was wondering if that's the kind of thing that you folks could do. More info: We download a lot of documents, … Continue reading

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How to add bates numbers to PDF file? How to Add PDF Bates Numbering into a PDF Document? Add headers, footers, and Bates numbering to PDFs

Hello, PDFstamp has worked in the past. PDFstamp and its DLLs located in c:\jk\bat\PDFstamp output file bates-numbers.pdf does not exists prior to run. Following command line: C:\jk\BAT\PDFStamp>pdfstamp -PDF "example.pdf" -o "bates-numbers.pdf" -AT "Bates Numbers \B(0000105)" -p5 -mlr-30 -mtb30 -fs10 -fn300 … Continue reading

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