How to optimize pdf file by using the Advanced PDF Tools

Today I have a problem about how to optimize pdf file.The reason is that my pdf file is very large so that I need to wait for a long time to open it.I ask my co-worker,he recommends the advanced PDT Tools for me.He said that because the pdf file is large and occupy the space of the memory.That’s why,it runs slowly.This software can optimize my pdf file very quickly and simple.I operated this software  according to his guide.Indeed,it’s very convenient for me to do it.

So today I will share my discover to the people who have the same problem.Right now I will input an article about how to optimize pdf file by using the Advanced PDF Tools,hope it can help you.  the Advanced PDF Tools through the following link

Do  remember to extract it after the download is completed, for it is zipped package. Then unzip and put this software in somewhere of your computer.

Firstly,you need to double click the icon of the Advanced PDF Tools, then let this software run .When this software is opening, you need to drag your PDF file into this program.Then you can see the label pages like(Summary/Open actions/pages/Optimize/Image/Metadata/Custom fields/About),please click the label page“Optimize”,and find the title “Optimize setting”. You can select all option boxes or not ,it depends on your needs.Right now you need to save the change.Please look at picture 1.


(picture 1)

Secondly,please click the right-hand key and find the “properties”, you will find the change,we had  already Optimized pdf file by using the Advanced PDF Tools.Meanwhile I also input two screenshots to compare them and you can obviously find the effect of this software.Please look at picture 2 and picture 3

image (picture 2)

image(picture 3)

So don’t you think it is very easy to operate ?if you are interested in the Advanced PDF Tools,or you want to know more about how to reduce the pdf size,you can refer to user manual  or  visit .

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