How to convert pcl to ps and rotate the page?

If you want to convert many electrical documents and files in PCL format, the converted PS files must be a best choice. PS is short for Postscript which is generally accepted to many applications. To convert pcl to ps, VeryPS PCL Converter is being recommended for its easy operating and quick converting. Moreover users can customize some parameters to the converted PS files, including rotating the page.

Firstly you can download VeryPS PCL Converter from this URL, Install it in a directory of your Operating Windows system before you use it. If you get a trial version of VeryPS PCL Converter, you can click “Try” button on its startup to open the main window. If you get an official one, there will be no limitations like that.

Secondly, push all PCL files you want to convert int0 the file list. There are three ways to finish this step. “Drag and drop” must be the most direct way. Find PCL files in a directory, drag them from this window and drop them into the file list. After you finish this operation of “drag and drop”, you will find that all PCL files are displayed in the file list (picture 1).

pcl files are displayed in the file list.

Picture 1

Thirdly, set parameters in the dialogue box, “output format” and “rotate angle”. Follow this menu path to open the setting dialogue (picture 2), “File(F)”-“Settings”. When you choose tab “Base Setting”, you will find two combo boxes below this tab, “Output format” and “Rotate angle”. Set the parameter as PS in the dropdown list of “Output format” and select one from four parameters, “0”,”90”, “180” and “270”, in the dropdown list of “Rotate angle”. At last press “OK” button to save this setting.

set parameters in this window.

Picture 2

Lastly, you can start converting pcl to ps based on your customized setting. After the last step, you will come to the main interface again. Click “Start” button on the toolbar and a window (picture 3) for selecting an output directory will turn up on top of your desktop. Select a directory for the converted PS files in your computer and hit “OK” button. Then the conversion from pcl to ps is finished and you can open the output directory to check.

select an output directory for files from pcl to ps.

Picture 3

If you want an official version of VeryPS PCL Converter, you can go to this page,

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