How to set paper size and print pdf via a command line?

There is various page sizes standards convention existing in the world. Two of the widespread standards are the international ISO standard (including A4, B3, C4, etc.) and a localized standard used in North America (including letter, legal, ledger, etc.). PDFPrint Command Line allows users to set paper size and print PDF by the means of command line in three ways. The following command - paper <string> or -paper <int> is the essential part of the command line you need to enter in the command prompt.

This article will introduce three ways to set paper size and print PDF via command lines.

1. You should begin with running the command prompt.

Four steps are required to run the white and black command prompt: You should click “Start” in the left down corner on the computer screen; > click “Run” > enter “cmd”(without square brackets) in the “Run” dialog box; > press “OK” in the “Run” dialog. Then, the command prompt will appear on the screen.

2. The next step is to enter the command line.

Again, four steps are required here: You should enter the directory of the executable file “pdfprint.exe” first ;> enter the command we have mentioned in the first paragraph, that is - paper <string> or -paper <int ; > enter the directory of the PDF file you want to print; > and at last hit “Enter” on the keyboard. The following is an example of the command line entered in the command prompt:

pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe -paper 3 top.pdf

To shed light on this command line illustrated above, I would like to do as follows:

2.1. Place the “pdfprint_cmd” folder and the PDF file into the same directory root, for example disk D root folder “D:\”. The “pdfprint_cmd” folder contains the essential executable file “pdfprint.exe”.

2.2. Change the default directory root to disk D. You should enter d: and hit “Enter” on the keyboard. Now the command prompt looks like the following illustration:


2.3.Enter pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe

2.4.Remember, we have placed the PDF file and the folder containing the executable file on disk D, and we are now in the root folder “D:\”, so this time we only need to type pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe ,the directory of the executable file here.

2.5. Leave a space, and enter the command -paper, which indicates the print page size; > leave a space, and choose one of the following three ways to set paper size to print PDF file.

  • Enter “pdf”(with the quotes). The PDF printer will retrieve paper size from PDF file. In another word, the print will print PDF in the default size.
  • Enter numbers. The numbers represent the standard paper size, which you can refer to the list at the following website:
  • Define the page size by user. You can enter "612x792pt","11x17in", or "215.9x279.4mm", etc. (with quotes).

2.6. Leave a space and enter the name of the PDF file. If you have placed your PDF file in another folder instead of the root folder “D:\”, you should enter the whole directory of this PDF file.

3. The last step is to hit “Enter” on the keyboard, and the computer will sent message to the default printer, which will begin to print the PDF file in the paper size set by you.

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One Reply to “How to set paper size and print pdf via a command line?”

  1. You can run following command lines to print your PDF file to A4 or A3 or take paper size from PDF file automatically,

    Print the PDF file with paper size from PDF file,

    pdfprint -paper pdf -printer “Your Printer” C:\test.pdf

    Print the PDF file with A3 paper size,

    pdfprint -paper 8 -printer “Your Printer” C:\test.pdf

    Print the PDF file with A4 paper size,

    pdfprint -paper 9 -printer “Your Printer” C:\test.pdf

    Print the PDF file with Letter paper size,

    pdfprint -paper 1 -printer “Your Printer” C:\test.pdf

    Please refer to “Paper definition” from following web page,

    You can use PDFPrint Command Line to print the PDF file to Windows Printer with different paper size easily.

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