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Overwrite creation date in PDF using some application

Question:I need to modify the creation date of my PDF created using iText. For me is enough to remove the time information putting 00:00:00 from the date.Is it possible to do during PDF creation by some software on VeryPDF? Answer: … Continue reading

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Help programmatically add text to an existing PDF

Question:I need to write a program that displays a PDF which a third-party supplies. I need to insert text data in to the PDF before displaying it to the user. I do have the option to convert the PDF in … Continue reading

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How can I change the link text of a PDF Link?

Question:I want to make a link in a PDF file that when click on changes the text of the link. In HTML with JavaScript you can do that with the inner HTML property of the link. Is there way available … Continue reading

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Programmatically recognize text from scanned PDF or scan files

Question:I have a PDF file, which contains data that we need to import into a database. The files seem to be PDF scans of printed alphanumeric text. Looks like 10 pt. Times New Roman. Are there any tools or components … Continue reading

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