How to convert normal/scanned PDF to PDF/A

This article shows you several steps you can only take to convert normal or scanned PDF to PDF/A on Windows platforms.

With the help of VeryPDF PDF to PDF/A Converter, only a few steps you need to take could achieve conversion from PDF file to PDF/A, and the following paragraphs unveil more details about difference between PDF and PDF/A, software and what you need to operate to realize process in Windows systems:

Generally, difference between PDF and PDF/A is that PDF/A is more good at long-term storage, which is not PDF merit. PDF/A documents can store archiving digital documents without any changes. In another word, all the information needed to be stored in file could be retained and embedded for good in PDF/A, while the PDF document cannot do this. And in the future, once you need to open PDF/A, just need a PDF/A reader to check information there, which is better way to store essential information in PDF/A.

VeryPDF PDF to PDF/A Converter, which enables Windows users to convert normal or scanned PDF documents to PDF/A-compliant documents. This application supports converting documents worthy of retention into PDF/A, as well as verifying conformity of the result with the ISO standard. For more knowledge, welcome to visit its homepage from hyperlink above.

Here are steps to convert normal or scanned PDF file to PDF/A through its GUI interface:

1. Download and install

Firstly, download installer of VeryPDF PDF to PDF/A Converter, and to install it in your computer, just double-click it to follow setup wizard till the end, and then, trial software could be yours.

2. Launch software and add PDF

As you could see, you could freely use this software once you install trial one. And then, to use it, please double-click its shortcut to open GUI interface, then, to add PDF file, please click image on GUI interface > select right PDF in pop dialog box > click Open directly.

3. Set output folder and PDF/A options

After PDF adding, optionally, you can choose to set to open output folder after conversion by the way of click on check-box Show output folder when conversion is finished; to prohibit overwriting output file when it exists, please click check-box Dont overwrite an output file if it already exists. After that, please input destination folder path in edit-box Output Folder so that targeting folder is finished to set. Here is snapshot about GUI interface with added PDF and selected check-box and targeting path:

GUI interface with setttings for converting PDF to PDF/A

Then, you could do the followings to formally set output PDF/A options, after click on image:

  • To edit PDF/A description, just click tab Description on Option panel, and then, you can input PDF author, creator, keywords, producer, subject and title directly in respective edit-box there
  • Optionally, to set color space mode, just click one of modes by radios Use RGB ICC profile for device-specific color spaces, Use CMYK ICC profile for device-specific color spaces and Use GRAY ICC profile for device-specific color space
  • To edit start action, just click tab Start Action on pop Option panel, then, you can set start page by click on up-and-down button there to change PDF page number to open later; to set open action, just select one of actions on pop list OpenAction, e.g., FitBH, FitH, Fit, 20%, 50%, 75%, 100%, etc., and with the explanation in edit-box below pop list, you could easily understand which function each one provides

After all prepared work is done, just click Apply so that all setting could be saved and this pop panel could be closed automatically. Here are snapshots about editing PDF/A options as mentioned above:

Description setting with color space mode during converting PDF to PDF/ASet start action during converting PDF to PDF/A with GUI

4. Start conversion

At last, to start process, just click Convert on GUI interface, and then, you can get PDF/A in destination folder.

As you can tell, here is the end of how to use GUI to convert normal or scanned PDF file to PDF/A for better storage of information. For more concerns, just leave your comments here. And for utilizing software eternally, please purchase VeryPDF PDF to PDF/A Converter.

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