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How to use pdfpg.exe to merge PDF files into a PDF/A file type?

Team: If my input files: c:\file1.pdf C:\file2.pdf C:\file3.pdfARE ALL IN PDF/A Format..... Will "pdfpg.exe c:\file1.pdf C:\file2.pdf C:\file3.pdf C:\Merge.pdf" Command Line able to create a Merge.pdf file in PDF/A Format ? Please advise,Customer-------------------------------------- Thanks for your message, pdfpg.exe can't create PDF … Continue reading

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docPrint 8.0 Converter with Hookprint does not work after I logged out the system. How to make a Virtual Printer Router?

I am running Doc Convert Pro on a Server with hook print. When I am logged in it works, but when the server is running and none logged in it does not work. How can I solve this issue? Customer------------------------------------------ … Continue reading

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