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VeryPDF PDF Editor


PDF Editor

  • Edit PDF contents and other elements.
  • Create PDF from other documents.
  • Convert PDF to images.

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Version 4.1

This is a short introduction to VeryPDF PDF Editor. It is mainly about:

1. Install and run 2. Edit PDF content 3. Edit PDF comment
4. Add hyperlink 5. Fill PDF form

Install and run

Download the installer of VeryPDF PDF Editor with this link. Run the installer and install the application following the instructions provided by the installer. Then you can run the application from your start menu or its installation directory.

Edit PDF content

Open a PDF to edit from menu File -> Open.

Select menu Tools -> Edit Content, or click the button Edit Content on the toolbar. Then editing content function will be activated. (See Figure 1)

edit content mode
Figure 1

  • Edit text
  • Within Editing Content mode, select a text object in the opened PDF, as shown in the next figure, and then right click to open the content menu. Then you can copy, cut or delete the selected text object. (See Figure 2)

    select text object and open content menu
    Figure 2

    To change the content of selected object, choose Properties, and then you can edit the text content, font, font size, and the position of text in the page within the dialog box as displayed in Figure 3.

    edit text object
    Figure 3

  • Draw graphics
  • As seen in Figure 4, in Edit Content mode, select Tools -> Content -> Draw, then you can draw straight line, rectangle, eclipse or other shapes with your mouse. Right click to finish drawing the current object.

    draw graphics in PDF
    Figure 4

Edit PDF comment

Select menu Tools -> Edit Comment, or press the button Edit Comment on the toolbar. Then editing comment function will be activated. (See Figure 5)

edit comment mode
Figure 5

In this mode, you can comment the opened PDF with text by clicking button on the toolbar, add note by clicking button, add stamp with an image file by clicking button, or draw shapes by clicking (click the dropdown arrow to change drawing mode).

Add hyperlink

Select menu Tools -> Link Tool, or press the button Edit Link on the toolbar. Then editing mode will be changed to adding link. In this mode, you can draw a rectangle in any position of a PDF page, right click in the area, and then select Properties in the content menu to open a dialog as displayed in Figure 6. Within this dialog, you can link the drawn rectangle to a page, a file or a webpage.

link properties
Figure 6

Fill PDF form

Open a PDF with interactive forms with VeryPDF PDF Editor, and you can fill the forms with this program.

Select Tools -> Fill Form on the menu bar or just press Fill Form button on the tool bar to change editing mode to filling form. (See Figure 7)

Fill form mode
Figure 7

VeryPDF PDF Editor supports all form fields like text, check box, radio box and dropdown box in a form PDF.

Note that, if you want to fill forms in PDF which is not interactive form supported, you have to use Edit PDF content or Edit PDF comment mode.

Remember to press Save on the toolbar to save all changes during the editing.

Above are some brief instructions for using VeryPDF PDF Editor. If you want to read the detailed user guide, please see the whole user manual.

Video Tutorial

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