Help for asp page and Doc2any

I have upgraded to a new server running IIS7 and I am having trouble getting doc2any to run from an asp script.

I have tried it with and without 32 bit enabled. I have tried it with exeshell and WScript (commented out). The WScript only returns a 0 for status.

I am running other WScript shells on the site and they work fine. This is the only one that isn't working. Permission are in placing for writing the files.

Please help.


Set comEXEShell = Server.CreateObject("")
'Set comEXEShell = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
RootPath = Server.MapPath(".") & "\"
EXEFile = RootPath & "doc2any\doc2any.exe"
DOCFile = Path
TempPDFFile = "c:\doctraderuploads\temp" & FileName & ".pdf"
strCommandLine = EXEFile & " " & DOCFile & " " & TempPDFFile comEXEShell.RunCommandLine "username", "password", strCommandLine 'response.write strCommandLine & "
'Set objCommand = comEXEShell.Exec(strCommandLine) 'Do While objCommand.Status = 0
'dtCurrent = Now
'Do Until Abs(DateDiff("s", dtCurrent, Now)) >= 3
' Response.Write objCommand.Status & "-

'Set objCommand = Nothing
Set comEXEShell = Nothing

This problem seems caused by permission problem, please refer to following web page, you may give enough permissions to IIS7 to Word DCOM to try again,

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have question on this.

Thank you!

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