Call PowerPoint to SWF Converter from PHP code

I am looking for a solution that I can use to allow a user to upload a ppt file to my server and then extract the images of the file for placement onto the machine.

I need to be able to control the process with php and then also write code that will allow me to place references to file location in a database for script use in showing the images.

Does your app allow this?
Please download PowerPoint Converter product from following web page to try, you can call PowerPoint Converter Command Line (pptconv.exe) from your PHP code to convert PPT file to image file easily,

please download the trial version of PowerPoint Converter Command Line to try, if you encounter any problem, please feel free to let us know.

Thanks for your reply.

I would love to try it.

However, as I am not a command line guru, I would like to ask if you have any examples of how to use php code to call your app.
Thanks again
Please by following steps to try again,

1. Please download EXEShell COM Library from following URL,

Please refer to following page about EXEShell COM Library,

2. Please use following code to call pptconv.exe from PHP or ASP code,

ASP code,
Set comEXEShell = Server.CreateObject("")
comEXEShell.RunCommandLine "Administrator", "123456", "C:\pptconv.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ""C:\in.ppt"" ""C:\out.swf"""
Set comEXEShell = Nothing

PHP code,

$PdfCreator =new COM("") or die("Cannot start PdfCreator");
$PdfCreator->RunCommandLine("Administrator", "123456", "C:\pptconv.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf");
$PdfCreator = null;

Please set correct username and password to RunCommandLine() function, then you can launch the conversion from this special user account.

You may encounter Error 1314 in some Windows systems when you launch the conversion, please by following steps to solve the 1314 Error,

ERROR 1314:
1314 A required privilege is not held by the client. ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To resolve this issue:
1. Click Start, click Run, type "secpol.msc", and then press ENTER.
2. Double-click "Local Policies".
3. Double-click "User Rights Assignment".
4. Double-click "Replace a process level token".
5. Click "Add", and then double-click the "Everyone" group 6. Click "OK".
7. You may have to logout or even reboot to have this change take effect.

Please refer to following two screenshots to understand above steps,

Please look at following page for the details about ERROR 1314,

3. OK, you should no problem to call pptconv.exe from ASP or PHP code now.

Please notice, you need change "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" to correct License Key which sent to you by swreg.

However, if you still have same problem, please create a remote desktop account on your test machine, email to us the IP address, user name and password of this remote desktop account, we will login your test machine and assist you to solve this problem asap.


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