How to convert a document of html to postscript format?

PostScript, PS, format, is a file format that contains controlling codes for displaying the elements of graphics, texts in the image file. Postscript image file is designed for maintaining the display behavior of the image on different devices. It is widely adopted by publishing houses, corporations, government agencies and printer device providers. Because a postscript image file contains all the controlling codes to precisely restrict the display parameters, postscript format is friendly to those people who need to precisely present their graphics such as curve graphs, data scatter graphs, etc. Postscript format is also necessary for publishers who need high level of publication quality, such as sharpness, fixed layouts and precise type settings. So, sometimes an image in other format should be converted to postscript format for publication.

The VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line can convert a document of html to postscript (ps) format in MS-DOS command prompt mode using the following commands:

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe D:\htmltools\Verypdf.html D:\htmltools\ <Enter>,

in which “D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe” is the executable of the conversion tool and “D:\htmltools\Verypdf.html” points to the source document of html. “D:\htmltools\” specifies the path and the name of the output file, and indicates the target format postscript (ps). The process of conversion of html to postscript is as shown in the screen snapshot:


The image converted from html to postscript is stored in vector graphic format. Zooming the converted postscript will not lose the image quality as presented in the following snapshots:



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