How to convert PCL to JPG and fit to paper size?

Both the GUI application and the command line application contained in VeryPDF PCL Converter can help you perfectly convert PCL to JPG and fit to paper size. I used both the applications before, and found that the results were pretty good.

This article explains how to use the GUI application of VeryPDF PCL Converter to convert PCL to JPG and fit to paper size. Please free download VeryPDF PCL Converter first, install it and then do as follows:

1. Run the GUI application of VeryPDF PCL Converter

You can double click the icon of VeryPDF PCL Converter on the desktop to open the interface as follows. VeryPDF PCL Converter

2. Input PCL files

  • If the PCL files you want to convert is stored in different folders, you can drag them from Windows and drop them to the list box respectively.
  • If your PCL files are stored in a folder, you can do as follows to input all the PCL files in that folder: click File in the upper left corner of the main interface, > click Add Directory to open the Browse for Folder dialog box, > select a folder such as In, > click OK.

After you input the PCL files, all the selected PCL files would be displayed in the list box. Then, you can proceed to the next step.

add a directory

The third step is to set options. Please click Setting on the main interface to open the setting dialog box. You have to set at least two options: To create JPG from the selected PCL files, please click on the Output format combo box and click .jpg in the list. To fit to paper size, you should click the Page Size combo box and choose a proper item in the list.

You can also set other options like setting color depth and resolution when generating images files from PCL files. After setting all the options, please click OK.

set options to convert PCL to JPG and fit to paper size

The fourth step is to do as follows: click Start on the main interface, > select a folder in the dialog box that pops out and then press Enter on the key board. The computer can quickly finish the process of conversion.

Do you think VeryPDF PCL Converter is easy to use? Do you know how to use it to convert PCL to JPG and fit to paper size now? For more information, please visit:

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