How to read eBooks from PDF just like a regular eBook(like epub files, etc.)?

Question: I have many eBooks which are in PDF format. However, when open PDF by every app I have used, the PDF files are shown so TINY and I am unable to read them. 🙁 If I try to enlarge them, they will not fit the page, and I also have to scroll down rather than flip the page by swiping my finger from right to left like I do when turning the pages in epub format and other formats like whatever Amazon uses.
I have a Google Nexus 10 (Android Jellybean 4.2) and I really need to find an app or some other solution so I can read all my. pdf eBooks - I paid a lot of money for them thinking that I would be able to read them just like my other eBooks, but sadly that hasn't been the case. Could someone please recommend an app or let me know of something that would allow me to read my. pdf books? I would ideally like to be able to read them just like I got the ones from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, with the ability to turn the pages and to adjust the font size - this is very important because recovering from medical issues that put me in a coma, and my eyesight has really been affected. 🙁 I also need the file to fit the page so I won't have to move it back and forth. I would REALLY appreciate the help with this - I have been unsuccessful in my efforts to get this to work thus far, but I'm really hopeful that there is a good solution - surely I can't be the only person who wants to read PDF like regular eBooks, right? (crosses fingers)


Solution:  Please allow me to sum your question that you need a converter which can be used to convert PDF to readable eBooks like Amazon sells, then you can read them on the same device more comfortable.  Normally speaking, PDF file can not be supported well on the small device, if you can convert the PDF to epub or PDF to flipbook directly, then this matter can be settled. In the following part, I will show you how to convert PDF to flipbook first.

First, download software VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

  • This software was developed by VeryPDF software company, it can be used to generate flipbooks  from PDF, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), HTML web pages and images that can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • It has software interface, after downloading, please install it by double clicking the exe file in the download folder.
  • The following snapshot is from the software interface.

software interface of VeryPDF Flipbook Maker
   Fig. 1. software interface of VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

  • Checking from the software interface, it is not hard to find that this software allows you to do searching. Even if you can find some words easily in hundreds of pages, by the searching function, you can find it immediately and accurately.

Second, run the conversion.

  • Input the PDF file, then choose background image, music and button color. Then you can save it locally or upload it your account which can be got once you buy this software.
  • If you upload it to your account, there will be a link produced. By the link, you can open your eBooks at any place.

Now let us check the eBook effect from the following snapshot. Also you can click this link to check this cartoon flipbook.

flipbook effect
                                   Fig.2. flipbook effect

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