Make kid photo books to help learn reading

If you want to make kid photo books to help your kid learn reading, you are strongly recommended to try VeryPDF Flipbook Maker, a software application which lets you convert PDF, PPT, Word, SWF and photos to flip books. It allows you to insert sounds to kid photo books and use any picture you like as the background of every kid photo book. Moreover, the online service enables you to store the kid photo books online, which can be read on iPad, PC, Mac, iPhone, HTC, Galaxy, etc. VeryPDF Flipbook Maker makes learning to read easy and fun.

The demo below is an audio kid photo book. The pages of the book are converted from some photos, and the audio file is a MP3. If you want to make such an audio book for kids, you can start with downloading VeryPDF Flipbook Maker (click here to download).

After the download finished, you can double click the install file and follow the instructions to set up the product on your PC. Then, you can make as many kid photo books as you want on your computer. Please do as follows to make a kid photo books:

1. Launch VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

Just double click the icon of VeryPDF Flipbook Maker on the desktop to run this tool.

2. Input photos

  • Hit Input at the top bar of the main interface.
  • In the pop-up, click radio button before Input pictures.
  • In the next pop-up, click Add.  Add photos and click Save.
  • Click Import in the first pop-up. Then, the main interface appears at the top of the desktop.

3.  Add audio file to the kid photo book

You can add an audio file into the kid photo book. The supported audio file formats include MP3 and WAV. Please do as follows:

  • Click the check box before Background Music on the second panel named Advanced Settings in the left column of the main interface.
  • Click the button after Background Music.
  • In the pop-up, select an audio file and click Open.
  • Click Apply at the top bar  on the main interface.

4. Specify a picture as the background

You can click one picture on the first panel of the main interface to apply to the kid photo book as its background. If you want to specify a picture on your computer as the background, please do as follows:

  • Click Add Local Picture under the first panel.
  • In the pop-up, choose a picture and click Open. Then, the selected picture will be displayed on the first panel.
  • Double click the new added picture to apply it the the kid photo book as its background.

If you want to change the default buttons, you can click Button beside the Picture tab on the first panel and then double click one picture in the Button tab control.

5. Save or upload  the kid photo book

After designing the kid photo book, you can save it on your computer or publish it online. You can click Save on the top tool bar of the main interface to export the kid photo book into a folder on your computer. If you like, you can also publish the kid photo book online and store it on cloud. The later method is more popular because it facilitate the access to your kid photo book online. It’s easier for you and your kids view the kid photo book on mobile devices. Any way, if you want to store it online, please click Upload next to Save

By the way, if you want to manage the uploaded books, or embed the books into your website and blog, please click Manage Online Books.

Hope your kid likes the kid photo books and develop a love of reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by leaving a message. Or you can get in touch with the Support Group of VeryPDF.

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