How can I convert HTML to flipbook?

VeryPDF Flipbook Maker lets you convert HTML to flipbook, enabling you to make high qualified animation flipbooks from web pages. You can use VeryPDF Flipbook Maker to make travel brochures, catalogues and user guide books from web pages that are designed by companies, agencies, and institutions to introduce interesting sites, and new products. Then, you can distribute the travel brochures, catalogues and user guide flip books online by embedding them into websites and blogs.

The following is a flipbook converted from a blog article. You can open it on any mobile device, PC and Mac with browsers like Safari and Firefox. Clicking the first two buttons on the tool bar, you can zoom in and zoom out the flipbook. Clicking the third button, you can print the flip book. To view more buttons, please click the M(ore) button, which is the fourth button. Then, you can click the first button on the on the vertical menu that appears to switch to the full screen mode.

You can convert HTML to flipbook very easy with the help of VeryPDF Flipbook Maker. To download this product, please click here. After set up the application, please take four steps to convert HTML to flipbook.

Step 1: Launch VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

  • Hit Start.
  • Hit All Programs. Then you will see all the programs on the menu.
  • Select VeryPDF Flipbook Maker from the menu. Then, a sub-menu will appear.
  • Hit VeryPDF Flipbook Maker on the sub-menu.

Step 2: Import a HTML file

There are two ways to convert HTML to PDF: You can directly import a HTML into the tool. Or you can reprocess the HTML file before importing it into the tool.

  • Method 1—Import directly

If the width of the webpage is less than that of a letter size (8.5 inches or 215.9mm), you can choose this method. Please do the following:

  • Click Input on the main interface.
  • In the Input dialog box, please click the icon after the edit box under Input Document, which is the default setting under Input. In case there is no green dot in the first radio button, you can click the radio button before Input Document.
  • In the Input File dialog box, please select a HTML file and press Enter.
  • In the Input dialog box, please click Import.
  • Method 2—Preprocess the HTML before importing

If the width of the webpage is less than 8.5 inches or 215.9mm, which is the standard width of Letter, you can use the second method to process the webpage before importing. You can do as follows:

  • Open the webpage or HTML file with a browser.
  • Press Ctrl and P on the keyboard at the same time.
  • When the Print dialog box appears, please click docPrint, and click Ok. When you install VeryPDF Flipbook Maker, the virtual printer docPrint has been installed on your computer by default.
  • When the main interface of docPrint appears, please click the Save button on the tool bar to save the HTML as PDF.
  • Then, you can input the PDF converted from HTML by docPrint into VeryPDF Flipbook Maker. You can use the same way to input the PDF as Method 1 shows.

It will take a few seconds to import the input file. The import speed depends on the size of the input file. When the import is finished, the main interface of VeryPDF Flipbook Maker will appear. Then, you can preview the flipbook converted from HTML there. Do you notice the panel grout on the left side of the main interface? Options there can help you design flipbooks.

Step 3: Design the flipbook

Now you can enter the next process: the design mode. On the first panel, you can:

  • Change the default background to an image. Either can you choose an image on the panel under Picture, also can you select an image from your computer. You can even choose an online picture as the background for flipbook.
  • Change the default buttons on the tool bar of the flipbook. You can either choose a set of buttons on the panel , or import a set of buttons from your computer.

On the second panel, you can:

  • Change the title bar, tool bar, and text color of the flipbook.
  • Add your favorite piece of music or song to the flipbook.
  • Adjust the position of the background image. Such options are useful when the selected picture is too small or too large.
  • Add a flip sound that make flipping more funny.

When finish design, please click Apply on the main interface to apply the design to the flipbook.

Step 4: Publish

The last step is to export the flipbook. You can save the flipbook in a folder on the computer. Or you can directly publish it online, enabling your readers to get access to the online flipbook. If you choose the former one, please click Save. If you prefer the second method, please click Upload.  Both the buttons can be found on the tool bar at the top of the main interface.

Hope you enjoying converting HTML to flipbook. If you want to ask any question about how to use VeryPDF Flipbook Maker to make flipbooks, please leave a message.

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