Create vocabulary flip cards for iPhone

VeryPDF Flipbook Maker enables you to create vocabulary flip cards to help you study languages on mobile devices such as iPhone, HTC, Android cell phones, iPad and Galaxy. You can use this tool to make vocabulary flip cards and then store the vocabulary flip cards on your local disks or USB drivers, or store them on the online server,  or insert the cards into a website or blog. The uploaded vocabulary flip cards can be easily accessed to through browsers like Safari, IE, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

The following are two demos of vocabulary flip cards. The first demo is converted from a PDF file and the second one is converted from images.You can use any browsers to open the demos. If you want to see more buttons, please click image on the toolbar. To switch to the full screen mode, you can click image. If you want to DIY a set of vocabulary flip cards, please get the tool by clicking download VeryPDF Flipbook Maker.

The following explains how to create vocabulary flip cards for iPhone and Android phones with VeryPDF Flipbook Maker.

Step 1. Launch VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

After downloading the product, the shortcut icon of the application will appear on the desktop. Please click image to run it.

Step 2. Input PDF or pictures

Please click the first button image on the toolbar at the top of the main interface to open the Input dialog box. Then, you can go to add either a PDF or a set of pictures. Remember? As we have mentioned above, vocabulary flip cards can be converted from PDF or pictures. Please do one of the following to import either a PDF file or a set of pictures.

  • Input PDF—Click the first radio button, which is before Input documents under Input in the Input dialog box.—> Click the button after the edit box.—>  Add a PDF file and press Enter. 
  • Input pictures—> Click the second button, which is before Input pictures under Input in the Input dialog box.—> The Input Picture dialog box pops out, and you can select pictures and set picture size there.—> click Save in the Input Picture dialog box.

At last, please click Import in the Input dialog box. Then, you can go design and view the effect of vocabulary flip cards on the main interface.

Step 3. Design vocabulary flip cards

You can design vocabulary flip cards by setting various options:

  • Define background—You can use pure color background or image background as the background for vocabulary flip cards. You can choose one of the built-in images displayed in the pane at the left part of the main interface, or import a local image, or download an online image.  
  • Define buttons on the toolbar—You can download online buttons, use local buttons, or apply built-in buttons to the vocabulary flip bards.. 
  • Insert MP3 and flip sound—To insert MP3, please set options in the second pane at the left part  of the main interface.
  • Define auto-flip interval—To define the interval for flipping cards automatically, please change the number in the edit box after Autoflip Interval in the second pane.

After setting options, please click Apply on the main interface to apply all the settings to the result vocabulary flip cards.

Step 4. Export vocabulary flip cards

You can choose to export the vocabulary flip cards onto the local disk or to upload the cards to the online server of VeryPDF. Most of our clients prefer to store their flip cards online, because it’s more convenient to view and share vocabulary flip cards on their cell phones. You can find the Upload button at the top of the main interface. If you want to manage the uploaded books in the online account, please click the Manage Online Books button.

After uploading the vocabulary flip cards, you can go to use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC, Mac to view and remember the cards or show the cards for kids anywhere any time as long as you can access to the web. Do you think VeryPDF Flipbook Maker is helpful? If you have any question, please contact the Support Group of VeryPDF.

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