Make digital album with Flipbook Maker

VeryPDF Flipbook Maker lets you organize pictures, paintings or photos on your PC and make digital albums from images. Flipbook maker supports different image formats: PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, and GIF. You can store digital albums on your local disk or upload them to the web. Then you can view the albums with 3D flipping effects on your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and android cell phones, Mac, PC, etc. Moreover, you can also share the digital album online through email, twitter, blog, etc. The following digital album with ironic pictures is a flip book made by Flipbook Maker.

Want to make a digital album? Why not click VeryPDF Flipbook Maker to download the tool and try it free right away! After you download and install the tool, you can double click the icon of Flipbook Maker on your desktop to launch the product. The following are the steps to use Flipbook Maker to make digital album.

1. Input pictures

  • Click Inputon the tool bar at the top of the main interface.
  • Click the radio button preceding Input Picturesin the Input dialog box.
  • When the Input Pictures dialog box appears, click Add to add pictures. You can preview all the added pictures in the dialog box. –> If you like, you can define the page size for the digital album on the tool bar at the bottom of the dialog box. –> Click Save. Then the Input Pictures dialog box disappears
  • Click Import in the Input dialog box. Then, you may need to wait for a few seconds before view the flip effect in the list box of the main interface.

2. Design and make digital album

  • Design background for the digital album.
    • Click the Picturetab at the top of the first panel on the left part of the main interface.
    • Double click on the picture on the background picture navigation panel.
    • If you want to set the background in a pure color instead of an image, you can click the color clump after Background Color in the Advanced Settings panel.
    • You can click Apply at the tool bar and then preview the effect in the list box at the right part of the main interface.
  • Design buttons for the tool bar of the digital album.
    • Click Button tab at the top of the first panel.
    • Chose a set of buttons by clicking on an icon of the buttons.
    • Click Apply.
  • Insert music and define flip interval.
    • In the second panel under Advanced Settings, you can insert music by clicking in the check box before Background Music. –> Click the edit box after  Background Music. –> Select a piece of music and then press Enter.
    • To define the flip interval for auto flipping pages, you can type a number in the edit box after Autoflip Interval.
    • Click Apply.

3. Save or upload digital album

  • Save the digital album
    • Please click Save on the tool bar at the top of the main interface. Then, you can save your digital album in one of four output formats: EXE, APP, HTML, or ZIP.
  • Upload the digital album
    • If you want to share the digital album with others, you should upload the album to web. Just click Upload at the tool bar of the main interface. Then, sign in and click Upload in the next dialog box that appears.

4. View and embed digital album

As soon as the digital album is uploaded, the Upload Successfully dialog box will appear. You can go to view and embed the digital album with any device.

  • View the digital album
    • Click View in the Upload Successfully dialog box to visit the webpage of the digital album. Almost all the browsers are supported.
  • Embed digital album
    • Copy the embed code in the Upload Successfully dialog box . Then, you can paste the code into your blog.

Is this article helpful? Now can you make a digital album? If you have any question, please feel free to contact the support group of VeryPDF. Thanks for reading.

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