Make an online kid art photo book

Drawing is a good way to encourage your children to express themselves. VeryPDF Flipbook Maker provides a good way to develop the your children’s interesting of painting.  You can collect the artwork of your kids and then use VeryPDF Flipbook Maker to turn their work to an online kid art photo book and embed it into your website or blog.

The following is an online art photo book converted from some children’s artwork. You can use browsers such as Safari, Firefox, IE and Chrome to open it and flip through it on your iphone, iPad and other mobile devices. You can click image to view more buttons on the tool bar of the art photo book.

Do you want to make such an online kid art photo book right away? Why not start with downloading VeryPDF Flipbook Maker by clicking here. After the download is finished, you can run the setup wizard and follow the instructions to install this product. Then, you need to take four steps to convert photos of artwork into a kid art photo book

1. Run VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

  • Hit Start.
  • Hove over All Programs.
  • Hit VeryPDF Flipbook Maker.
  • Hit VeryPDF Flipbook Maker again.

2. Input photos of artwork

  • To add photos of kids’ artwork photos, please do the following: click Input on the main interface.—> click the radio button before Input pictures in the Input dialog box.—> Click Add in the Input Picture dialog box.
  • To reorder photos, please click the Down and Up button in the right column of the Input Picture dialog box.
  • To resize the photos, please set options on the tool bar at the bottom of the  Input Picture dialog box.
  • Click Save in the Input Picture dialog box.
  • Click Import in the Input dialog box.

3. Set background and buttons for the kid art photo book

In the left column on the main interface, there are two panels. You can set background and buttons on the first panel.

  • To set the background, please double click one of the picture displayed on the default Picture tab control of the first panel.
  • To set buttons, please double click the tab Button and then click one icon on the Button tab control.
  • Click Apply on the top tool bar on the main interface.

4. Upload the kid art photo book

To upload the kid art photo book, you need to have an account on the online server of VeryPDF. If you haven’t set up one, please do as follows:

  • Click Upload on the main interface.
  • In the pop-up dialog box, please click Sign Up to set up a new account. Then, check the email and copy the password sent to you. If you have an account, you can skip to the next step.
  • Type the user name and password and then click Sign In in the pop-up dialog box on your desktop.
  • When another dialog box pops out, please click Upload in it. It will take a couple of seconds to upload the art photo book. Then, you can go to embed the photo book into your blog and website.

This is the method to make online kid art photo books. Hope you like the books. If you come across any problem, please feel free to leave a message or contact the Support Group of VeryPDF.

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