How to convert PDF to ePub and disable hyperlinks by command line

With the help of the application VeryPDF PDF to ePub Converter, you can easily convert PDF to ePub and disable hyperlinks.

PDF is most popular ebook format across the world. While its fixed-layout property makes it not display well on portable readers. EPUB is totally different. It is designed for reflowable content, so that it can adjust properly to fit whatever size screen your eReader has, and with whatever font size you choose to read at.

VeryPDF PDF to ePub Converter is a professional command line application. It can not only convert PDF format to ePub, but also can convert other formats including Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), image(JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, etc.), TXT, RTF, and HTML to ePub. If the original PDF contains hyperlinks, it also supports to disable the hyperlinks so that it wouldn’t link to the corresponding page when you click the hyperlink by accident.

The following instruction will show you how to use this command line application to convert PDF documents to ePub and disable hyperlinks.

Step 1. Download and unzip

Please download the package of VeryPDF PDF to ePub Converter. The downloaded file is a ZIP file, so please unzip it to a folder on your computer. In the unzipped folder, there is an executable file—epubconverter.exe which is the called program in the MS-DOS interface.

Step 2. Type commands

In order to type commands, you need to open the MS-DOS interface (command prompt window) first. Before typing your commands, please read the readme.txt file which explains the usage of this application.

According to the application usage, please type commands referring to the command line template shown below.

epubconverter [options] <pdf-file> [<epub-file>]

In the above template,

  • epubconverter: the called program—epubconverter.exe.
  • [options]: the options you set to control the conversion
  • <pdf-file>: the input PDF file.
  • [<epub-file>]: the output ePub file.

To disable the hyperlinks, please use the option: -iglinks which is used to ignore hyperlinks of the ePub file.

For example,

D:\verypdf-pdf-to-epub-converter\epubconverter.exe -iglinks “E:\sign.pdf” “F:\sign.epub”

The above command line is to convert sign.pdf to sign.epub with hyperlinks disabled.

In fact, this software can do far more than the above. If you want to know functions of it, you can have a try of VeryPDF PDF to ePub Converter.

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