How to use QR Code to open a password protected PDF file? How to use QR Code to protect a PDF file better? PDF QR Code for PDF Paid Subscription solution.

Dear Team,

Can I check if your company provides solution for locking/ unlocking the pdf files using QR code? If so, please share the details regarding this software.



Thanks for your message, yes, we have a VeryPDF DocSafe QR Code solution for PDF files, we will name it as PDFSafe by QR Code.

>>Can you please let us know how the solution would work?

Thanks for your message, PDFSafe by QR Code solution will work by following steps,

* On the Server Side,
VeryPDF has an application which running on the server side, this server application will encrypt PDF files (user uploaded PDF files or the PDF files which imported by other methods), embed a unique FileID into each PDF file, encrypt each PDF file by a random password (OpenPassword), store the FileID and OpenPassword to the database on the server.

The encrypted PDF file can't be viewed without a valid OpenPassword, the OpenPassword is stored on the server and protected by server, the PDF file itself is protected by 256bit AES encryption algorithm, so it's impossible to decrypt this PDF file by a brute-force password recovery method. This PDF file is safe enough.

Server Application maintains a table for each user's permission and his Authenticator Key for QR Code Verification purpose.

* On the Client Side,
When a client want to open an encrypted PDF file using VeryPDF PDF Reader, VeryPDF PDF Reader will execute following works,

1. VeryPDF PDF Reader will read FileID from this PDF file first, display a QR Code image using this FileID and SystemID (or a unique ID for this device), and waiting for the response from server,

2. User will use a Mobile Authentication Application to scan this QR Code, Mobile Authentication Application will send the FileID+SystemID and User's Key to server,

3. Server Application will verify this user's identity by User's Key, if authentication successful (this user has permission to open this PDF file), Server Application will return the OpenPassword to client VeryPDF PDF Reader application, client PDF Reader will obtain OpenPassword and able to open & view this PDF file continue, if authentication failed (this user hasn't permission to open this PDF file), client VeryPDF PDF Reader application will show a "authentication failed" message to the user.

We are provide the PDF Reader applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows, Mac systems.

Mobile Authentication Application need to be logged in, because each user has a unique Key.

VeryPDF PDF Reader needn't login function, it's just need to display a QR Code which contain the FileID+SystemID (or a unique ID for this device), and then waiting for the OpenPassword from server.

Server Application is used for authentication purpose and maintain FileID and OpenPasswords, it will return OpenPassword to client PDF Reader application if authentication successful.

VeryPDF has already finished a DocSafe product without QR Code authentication, you may test it from following web page,

DocSafe Reader applications (for Web, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows platforms) can be downloaded from this web page,

If you are interest in this PDF QR Code solution, please feel free to let us know.

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How to use QR Code to open a password protected PDF file? How to use QR Code to protect a PDF file better? PDF QR Code for PDF Paid Subscription solution., 5.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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