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Protecting your digital content and documents is crucial in today's digital age, and VeryPDF offers a comprehensive PDF DRM Protector Solution to meet a wide range of needs. Whether you're a publisher, a business, or an individual looking to safeguard your documents, VeryPDF has you covered. Here's an overview of our PDF DRM Protector Solution:


PDF Security and Document Protection Solutions

At VeryPDF, we provide professional DRM (Digital Rights Management) Copy Protection products and software solutions to address various needs, including:

  1. Audio/Video Protection: Safeguard your multimedia content to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution.

  2. HHMeet (Zoom Meeting Protection): Secure your virtual meetings and presentations conducted through Zoom.
  3. PDF Protection: Protect your PDF documents with advanced DRM controls.
  4. Dynamic Website Protection: Ensure that your website content remains secure.
  5. Web Pages/Image Encryption: Encrypt web pages and images to prevent unauthorized access.
  6. VR Panoramic Video Protection: Secure your virtual reality content.

VeryPDF PDF DRM Protector Online Application,


Key Features of VeryPDF PDF DRM Protector Solution

Our PDF DRM Protector offers a wide range of features to protect your digital documents:

  • Copy Protection: Prevent copying and pasting of your content.

  • Download Protection: Control who can download your content.
  • Forwarding Protection: Restrict the forwarding of protected documents.
  • "Save As" Protection: Disable the "Save As" function for your documents.
  • Document Expiry: Set an expiration date or limit the number of days a document can be viewed.
  • Number of Views Control: Limit the number of times a document can be viewed.
  • Dynamic Watermarking: Add dynamic watermarks for document identification.
  • Secure Printing Option: Allow or disallow offline printing.
  • Document Markup and Annotation: Enable users to annotate and mark up documents.
  • Text to Speech Support: Provide read-aloud and screen reader functionality.
  • User and File Access Management: Manage access to documents and files.
  • Personalization Options: Customize document access settings.
  • Document Activity Tracking: Track user interactions with your documents.
  • Automated E-Commerce Solutions: Sell your protected content with ease.
  • HTML5 Online Service: Convert various file types to secure HTML5 for web-based display.
  • Branding/White Labelling Options: Customize the software with your branding.
  • Media Hosting Options: Host video and audio content securely.

Offline Document Security Products and Services

Our VeryPDF DRM Publisher software empowers you to convert your PDF files into a highly secure and strongly encrypted format, with the flexibility to tailor permission settings to your specific needs. The conversion process takes place locally, ensuring that your source PDFs never exit your domain. Only reference data is retained within our centralized Digital Rights Management (DRM) service.

Once your files are securely protected, you have the freedom to distribute or sell them through various means, such as email, web download links, or physical media, to your end users, customers, or employees. Our Digital Rights Management (DRM) service plays a crucial role in this process. It verifies the user's eligibility to access the document through a system of authorization codes or licenses.

Additionally, we offer complimentary VeryPDF secure PDF readers for MS Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms. These readers are not only exceptionally fast and secure but also fully functional, equipped with features like markup and annotation capabilities.

With our DRM Publisher software and free PDF readers, you have a comprehensive solution to protect your documents and control their distribution without compromising security or functionality.

Online Document Security Products and Services

Convert your PDFs online with protection against unauthorized copying, editing, downloading, and printing. Add username/password access security, personalized watermarking, and usage tracking. Your protected content can be displayed in any modern web browser on any device.

Use our VeryPDF DRM PDF Protector software to provide PDF, ePUB and MS Office document conversion to secured HTML5 for display using a modern web browser. Our web-based Viewers provide protection against printing, copying and downloading, and provide user access control, service management, technical support and more.

Key Features for the Online Version:

  • Open Access Display: Allow public access to your secured PDFs with provided links.

  • Embedded Access Display: Embed the provided links in your own website for a seamless user experience.
  • Page Encryption: Encrypt access pages and implement security controls.
  • Custom Development Service: Customize our services to meet your specific requirements, including branding and integration.

Our goal at VeryPDF is to help you protect your digital content and documents, ensuring that your intellectual property remains secure and that you have control over who can access your valuable materials. Whether you're a publisher, educator, business, or individual, our PDF DRM Protector Solution offers robust security and protection options tailored to your needs.

Learn more and access our online application at VeryPDF PDF DRM Protector.

✅ Custom Development Service

We offer customized development services to precisely address your diverse requirements. VeryPDF extends a series of DRM-related services to enhance customer value. These services encompass the incorporation of your company's logo and the customization of our DRM PDF Reader to align with your brand identity. This integration seamlessly blends with your website, enabling you to securely distribute your protected media and PDF files online.

Customize Your VeryPDF DRM PDF Reader

The VeryPDF DRM PDF Reader is a free PDF document reader and printer. It boasts a petite size (just 3.1 MB), rapid launch speed, and a comprehensive feature set. Notably, it is designed for reading PDF documents safeguarded by VeryPDF DRM PDF Protector.

Download and Evaluate VeryPDF DRM PDF Reader from this web page,


When you opt for a customized VeryPDF DRM PDF Reader, you gain access to a range of features, including:

  • Incorporating your company's name and logo for brand consistency.

  • Tailoring the color theme to match your brand's aesthetics.
  • Customizing the layout to align with your specific preferences, whether it's a standard format or one that accommodates related documents.
  • Adding functionalities tailored to your unique business needs.

Furthermore, we offer the option to customize eBook readers for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows systems. This ensures a consistent and branded reading experience across multiple platforms, strengthening your digital presence and enhancing user engagement.

Let VeryPDF be your trusted partner in protecting your digital assets and preventing piracy in the world.

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