How to add or stamp Barcode to PDF pages? We need add GS1-128 barcode to the PDF file


We generate print files with PCL in our software. PCL to PDF generates PDF. Now we must add GS1-128 barcode to the PDF. What is to do?

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Thanks for your message, we have three solutions which can be used to insert barcode into PDF pages,

Solution 1. You can use PDFStamp Command Line or PDFStamp SDK to stamp barcode text as Text Stamp to PDF pages directly,

Please install FRE3OF9X.TTF and FREE3OF9.TTF TrueType fonts into Windows system first, then you can run following command line to add a barcode text stamp to PDF pages, for example,

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "pdftest.pdf" -o "test-pdftest-barcode.pdf"  -at 1234567890 -ft "Free 3 of 9" -embedfont

Solution 2. You need convert barcode text to an image first, and then use PDFStamp Command Line or PDFStamp SDK to stamp barcode image to PDF pages, e.g.,

You can run following command line to stamp an image to PDF pages, and set white background color to transparent color during stamping,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf test-invoice-134411_stamp.pdf -o _test_overlay_image_invoice.pdf -AI Invoice_Template.png -transparentcolor#FFFFFF -mlr-5 -mtb-7 -imgw590 -imgh800

Solution 3. You can convert barcode text to a PDF file first, then you can use "PDF Toolbox Command Line" to overlay this barcode PDF file to original PDF file,


pdftoolbox.exe sample_in1.pdf -overlay barcode.pdf -outfile "_overlay_out.pdf"

You can also use "VeryPDF Barcode Generator COM/SDK" to generate barcode image or PDF file from original barcode text, "VeryPDF Barcode Generator COM/SDK" can be downloaded from following web page,

If you need any other assistance, please feel free to let us know.


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