Why choose VeryPDF’s PDF Library, Command Line and SDK products

Customers often wonder why they should pick our Java/C++ PDF libraries and PDF viewing tools instead of others in the market and how we compare. Let's break it down in simple terms.


✅ Proven Technology

For the past two decades, we've been working on PDF technology. Our Java/C++ libraries and components are used in hundreds of business tools across different industries, benefiting hundreds of thousands of users. Many professionals, including business experts, rely on our desktop PDF editor, PDF Command Line software, and PDF SDK daily. We believe we have top-notch Java/C++ PDF technology, and we're continually improving our solutions to meet customer needs.

✅ We Do It All PDF

PDF is a complex format with many features. We cover most of it. Whether you need PDF creation, conversion, high-quality rendering and printing, digital signatures, form filling, text extraction, and more, we've got you covered. Plus, we support various fonts, images, transparency, blending, gradients, and color spaces for rendering.

✅ 100% Java/C++ – Real Cross-Platform

VeryPDF PDF library products are an authentic 100% Java/C++ solution, ensuring utmost stability and portability. You can deploy our solutions across all platforms and versions, whether it's Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, or even web browsers, without any concerns.

✅ In-House Development with Stringent Quality Control

We take pride in our proprietary source code, which is developed in-house. We do not resort to outsourcing or accept external contributions, nor do we acquire third-party technology. Rigorous quality control measures are ingrained in our development process. Our solutions are derived from an integrated code base, leading to unwavering stability, extensive feature support, high-performance capabilities, and prompt responsiveness. Consequently, we are better equipped to address support issues swiftly.

✅ Professional Technical Support

Our company's roots are firmly grounded in Java/C++ development, making development a core aspect of our operations. Our team of skilled software developers stands ready to offer expert-level technical support, ensuring that you receive prompt and authentic solutions to your inquiries. In our book, customers always take precedence.

✅ Save Time and Resources

We understand the value of a developer's time, and we advocate its judicious utilization. With our products, you can swiftly integrate PDF functionality, once and for all, without any future regrets. Numerous customers have sought our services after experimenting with and licensing alternative solutions.

✅ Transparent and Affordable Commercial Licensing

When it comes to licensing our products, you won't encounter any unexpected surprises. We make no claims of being a free service. Our products have always been commercially oriented, with prices commencing at $1,200 for a quad-core server. This stance may have limited our visibility in the age of free offerings, but we steadfastly adhere to the traditional model – delivering quality products and expecting fair compensation for our expertise.

✅ Please choose what you want (Include PDF Utilities, Developer Libraries and Command Line applications)


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