How to save a pdf file on different server where the printer PDFCamp is installed


We have a problem to generate a pdf file in path from a different server where the printer PDFCamp is installed.

The currently situation is:

Through an ASP application on server SERVER_A, where printer is installed, I want to save on path \\SERVER_B\file.pdf, but is not possible, don't give any errors, but not create the file, instead if I save on path \\SERVER_A\file.pdf it working properly.

All paths have write permissions.

The question is: Can I assign different server path at 'fileName' property wich not be the server where PDFCamp printer is installed? If the answer is true, how I can save a generated file in the SERVER_A printer to a path on SERVER_B?

Many thanks!!
This matter is caused by your system settings, I guess system user account hasn't permission to access to SERVER_B folder, so it can't create the PDF file on SERVER_B. however, you can create the PDF file in SERVER_A first, and then copy the PDF files to SERVER_B at later, is this okay to you?

Ok, I try this way, create in SERVER_A and then copy to SERVER_B.
Thanks for your reply.

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