ReportError: The RPC server is unavailable

In the process of evaluating your product I received the error shown in the screenshot below stating “ReportError: The RPC server is unavailable”. I’ve attached the files what I was testing with and the batch file I was using. Could this error occur because the “TEST SS.xlsx” file had some cells that reference the seconds file “TEST Linking.xlsx”? I assume your product supports this right? If not, then I don’t think your product will suit my needs. I look forward to your response as your products seems to do what I want with the exception of this error and not giving me any results so far.
I tried this again just to be sure and this time I got the following error with no image produced:

You have 293 time to evaluate this product, you may purchase a full version from
Processing 1 of 1 sheets, sheet name is 'ss'...
Conversion time = 17206ms
C:\Users\Justin\Desktop\Test SS.xlsx ==> C:\Users\Justin\Desktop\Test Banners-Panels.jpg, result=ERROR
TickCount = 17206ms(17.21s), Result = 0
Please run following command line to try again, can you convert your XLSX file to JPEG files correctly by following command line?

Doc2any.exe -debug -useprinter -useoffice 1 C:\test.xlsx C:\out.jpg

I got basically the same results.

C:\DOWNLOADS\XLS\doc2any_cmd\doc2any_cmd>doc2any.exe -debug -useoffice 1 "C:\Users\Justin\Desktop\Test Banners-Panels.xlsx" "C:\Users\Justin\Desktop\T
Check license information...
You have 273 time to evaluate this product, you may purchase a full version from
Check utility functions...
Start the conversion...
C:\Users\Justin\Desktop\Test Banners-Panels.xlsx ==> C:\Users\Justin\Desktop\Test.jpg
Convert Excel document by MS Office or OpenOffice application...
Convert Excel to metafile (2).
Processing 1 of 5 sheets, sheet name is 'Safety 10 mins'...
Processing 2 of 5 sheets, sheet name is 'Quality 10 mins'...
Processing 3 of 5 sheets, sheet name is 'ss'...
Processing 4 of 5 sheets, sheet name is 'Safety Panel'...
Processing 5 of 5 sheets, sheet name is 'Quality Panel'...
ReportError: The RPC server is unavailable.

abnormal program termination

I would make sure that your RPC (Remote Procedure Call) server is running.  Right click "My Computer"->"Manage" and go to the services section.  You can start/stop "Remote Procedure Call" service from here.  You can also right click and select Properties.... and see the Dependencies of the service.

After the "Remote Procedure Call" service is running, the "The RPC server is unavailable." Problem will be solved automatically.

You can found more solutions about " The RPC server is unavailable." On google,

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