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How to use pdfpg.exe to merge PDF files into a PDF/A file type?

Team: If my input files: c:\file1.pdf C:\file2.pdf C:\file3.pdfARE ALL IN PDF/A Format..... Will "pdfpg.exe c:\file1.pdf C:\file2.pdf C:\file3.pdf C:\Merge.pdf" Command Line able to create a Merge.pdf file in PDF/A Format ? Please advise,Customer-------------------------------------- Thanks for your message, pdfpg.exe can't create PDF … Continue reading

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I want to merge some billing PDF files together and format the output PDF files to PDF/A files

I have some pre-purchase questions, please. I need to know about your product. I would like to purchase today if possible. Could I get someone to contact me by phone? Sample questions: I am going to write a command line … Continue reading

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PDF Merger for Mac question. How to extract pages from different PDF files and merge them into one single PDF file?

I am thinking about buying PDF Merger for Mac but I'm not sure it will do what I want. Basically does PDF Merger have a command line or support a "plan" file? More specifically, I have a number of PDF … Continue reading

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PDFTOOLBOX merge multiple pdf files into one pdf file

Sir, Misses, I tried to merge pdf files with pdftoolbox *.pdf -merge -outfile result.pdf, but the pdf toolbox doesn't generate the output file. If I try pdftoolbox a.pdf b.pdf -merge -outfile result.pdf it works fine, but I need to merge … Continue reading

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How to merge PDF files and delete blank PDF pages? How to split PDF files by blank pages and delete these blank pages?

Dear, I use split merge 3.0 and I have an license issue, if I use the gui version No problem but I use also the command line in batch file and only with the cli version I have an stamp … Continue reading

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