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VeryPDF Screen Text OCR

VeryPDF Screen Text OCR is a smart software application which can capture screen and recognize text on screen. VeryPDF Screen Text OCR enabled you to reuse any characters or text that you can see on your computer screen. No matter the text is editable or not; no matter the text can be highlighted with mouse or not; no matter where the text is in, images or web pages, password protected PDF files or scanned documents; you can always use VeryPDF Screen Text to recognize text on screen and turn the text to editable TXT. The screen text OCR function of VeryPDF Screen Text OCR is very powerful. VeryPDF Screen Text OCR can recognize text in multiple language including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Bulgarian, etc. VeryPDF Screen Text also provides multilingual data packets. VeryPDF Screen Text OCR is also very easy to use.

The interface of VeryPDF Screen Text OCR is simple and tidy. After you run VeryPDF Screen Text OCR, you are supposed to see the following "VeryPDF Screen Text OCR" dialog box, which is composed of three buttons and one combo box.

VeryPDF Screen Text OCR dialog box

In order to make your computer recognize text on screen in different languages, you need to select an option in the "Language" combo box.

In order to capture the screen, you should click the first button named "Capture". And after you seize the capture, you should click the "OCR" button to initiate the OCR function.

To view the screenshots that have been generated, you can click the "History" button the open the "OCR History" window.

To buy VeryPDF Screen Text OCR, or type the registration key, you can click the "Register" button. You can also click any of the following links to buy the proper license.

    The features of VeryPDF Screen Text OCR:

  • Capture any part of the screen. Capture any static thing you can see on the screen.
  • Recognize text on screen. Recognize text that cannot be highlighted with mouse in protected PDF files, scanned images, web pages, invoice documents, Word documents, etc.
  • Support multilingual OCR.
  • Support history review.
  • Provide supplemental OCR language data packets.
  • Allow comparison between a screenshot and the OCR result.
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