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VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader

VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader can be used to read text in snapshots. First, you can use VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader to capture a still video image from either video which is playing on your computer screen, or capture any area in any size on the screen. Then, you can use VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader to read text in snapshots. VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader supports multiple languages. Hence, VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader allows you to turn text that cannot even be highlighted to editable and accessible text. The languages that are supported include English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Italian, etc. If you find that the language options in the list are not adequate, you can also download data packets. Besides, VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader has a powerful history function. VeryPDF Snapshot Text can automatically memorize the snapshot that you have capture and the text. The "History" window allows you to read text in snapshots that have been captured before whenever you like.

After you run VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader, you will see the following dialog box, which is composed of three buttons and a combo box. The "Language" combo box can be used to rad text in snapshots. In the combo box, you can select a proper language. If you cannot find a proper one from the list, you can click "More" to visit the website of PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line Language Packs to download more data packets to meet your needs. The first button named "Capture" is for capturing snapshots. The second button named "History" is for viewing the snapshots. The last button is for registering or buying VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader.

VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader dialog box

After you click the "Capture" button, you hold pressing the left key with the mouse to select an area on the screen, and then click "OCR" to open the "OCR result" window as illustrated below. The left part of the window displays the original snapshot, and the right part of the window displays the OCR result after the computer read text in the snapshot. You can save the OCR result in the default directory by clicking the icon, or save the OCR result in any directory you like by clicking the icon.

the OCR result window

    The features of VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader:

  • Read text in snapshots that are captured.
  • Turn text in snapshots to editable and researchable contents.
  • With the OCR feature, VeryPDF Snapshot Text Reader can extract text from windows, scanned files, images, password protected PDF files, webpages to reuse the text.
  • Multiple languages are supported. The OCR engine supports English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, German, etc.
  • Can remember screenshots that have been captured and text contents, which are OCR results.
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