How to print Access document to PDF

There are various methods for you to print  Access document to PDF file via VeryPDF  docPrint Pro. If you don’t have one, please  go to download it from  This article will mainly introduce  how to print multiple Access documents to PDF.

Method 1:  print multiple Access documents to multiple PDF files

Step 1: run VeryPDF  docPrint Pro. You can either double click on the icon of the software, or right-click with the mouse on the icon of it.

Step 2: add the files

Press the key Ctrl and click all the Access documents  you want to convert, then drag them to the list box of docPrint.

Step 3: set output format option

Click on “Setting”, the second icon at the bottom of the interface.


Then, a box will pop out, and you will find five tabs near the top of the box as illustrated below:


The computer will present the content of the first tab by default. Select the “Output Format” to “.pdf” and click “OK”.

Step 4:  Set PDF mode

Click the third tab “Save PDF Mode”, a new box will pop out. Then, click on the button of the second option under “Make PDF files mode” as illustrated below:


Before you go to the next step, press “OK” .

Step 5: click “Start”, and select the directory to save the outputting PDF files.


In a few seconds, when the printer icon disappear from the status bar in the  right-down corner of the screen, it means the PDF files are already. Moreover, the computer will automatically open the PDF files by default.

Step 6: Click on one PDF file and press Ctrl+P, select “name” to “docPrint”, and press “OK’.


Repeat this step untill add all the PDF files to the printer, and then print those PDF files.

Method 2:  print multiple Access documents to one PDF file

Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 and skip to the next steps. This is because the computer will combine documents to one PDF file by default. 

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