Convert EMF to PDF and set page margin

With the help of the command line application Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line, you can convert emf to pdf and set page margin easily within three steps. In this article, you will see the specific conversion steps and you’d better follow them step by step because you will get more useful information if you can try it yourself.

Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line supports the usual PDF features, including compression and 128 bit encryption and it was the first command line application to allow embedding of font subsets to reduce file size. You can download the free trial version of Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line at and unpack it to your computer. You will find an executable file named as emf2pdf.exe and it is the called program in the conversion from emf to pdf.

Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line is mainly for sever users and developers. If you need to run the application on a server, please buy the server version. If you need to embed and redistribute the application in your developed software package, please use the developer version.

Then you will see the specific conversion steps in the following contents.

1. Please open MS-DOS interface by clicking “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box and input “cmd” or “CMD” in “Open” combo box. Then please click on “OK” button. You can also use the other way. Please press “Window”+ “R” on the keyboard to open “Run” dialog box and then do the same work next.

2. Then you should input the command line into MS-DOS interface. Please input the command line which contains called program, parameter for setting page margin, source file and target file. Just see the following command line template:

emf2pdf.exe -margin 100x100x100x100 C:\In-file.emf C:\Out-file.pdf

  • emf2pdf.exe stands for the called program.
  • -margin 100x100x100x100 stands for the page margin parameter.
  • C:\In-file.emf stands for source file.
  • C:\Out-file.pdf stands for target file.

Then you should see the following command line example, in which you should use the path of each file.

"C:\Program Files\image2pdf_emf2pdf_cmd3.2\emf2pdf.exe" -margin 100x100x100x100 "D:\My Documents\In-file.emf" "D:\Out-file.pdf"

  • "C:\Program Files\image2pdf_emf2pdf_cmd3.2\emf2pdf.exe" is the path of called program. You can directly drag the file you need to MS-DOS interface.
  • -margin 100x100x100x100 sets margin to 10pt to left,top,right,bottom.
  • "D:\My Documents\In-file.emf" stands for the path of source file.
  • "D:\Out-file.pdf" indicates the path of target file.

You need to click “Enter” button in the end of the conversion for converting emf to pdf. What you should do next is waiting for several seconds. If you need to learn more information about this application, please enter its homepage:

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