Free Screenshot Sharing.

In this article, I will share you a freeware for social free screenshot sharing. e. It can work like with the real camera effect, like playing camera sound and show flashlight.  Take a screenshot and share it with your clients, students and friends in a few seconds.

This software is a freeware, once you download it, you can use it free forever without no watermark. Here is the downloading link for you: Now let us try to use this software to do free screenshot sharing. 

Wait wait, I have a question. Can I view the screenshot by my iPhone? If  it can not be viewed by Smartphone, this way will be not so useful for me.”   “Of course, yes. When you finish reading, you will find how to share info between phone and computer.”

  • This software is small in size, you can finish downloading in a second. If you have finish installing, there will be an icon on the desktop. Double click it then you can use it.
  • Please do the setting part at first. Right click the pencil icon then you can set the setting according to you needs. Say you need to edit the screenshot, please choose Quick setting—>Screenshot destination—> Open in image editor.
  • Press Print then the screenshot will be shown in the image editor.

Situation: When you browse face book, suddenly, you find a photo of girl who is just your style and you feel that she is so beautiful.  You thought maybe your friend Jackson maybe know him, if he knows, he can tell some clue about this girl. You can not help confirming it. How to do it?

photo of beauty

Only your friend can open website link, it can share this photo. Actually now all the smart phone can read website link.  It will be much easier for him to login your face book account to see it.  By this way, you can free screenshot sharing.

“I have one thing to make sure, is that really free or just free for a few days?”  Yes it is totally free and free forever. This software was developed by VeryPDF Software company,just want to facilitate its customers to do free screenshot sharing. If you want to know more free software or file format conversion, you can visit its homage. If you have any question, you can contact us by the ways supported on this website.

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