How to do copy and paste in any kinds of website?

  In our daily work, when we browse websites, it is not wired to find some websites where  we can not do copy and paste work.  For better protecting their copyright or enhancing the PV(Page View) or other reasons,  some website designer will  shield copy and paste right through JavaScript programming. In the page source code, you will find functions like those: onpaste="return false"   oncopy="return false;"  oncut="return false.  When encounter this kind of situation, is that the only way for us to do keystroke  for a long time to get the content we need?

The answer is definitely “No”. In this article, I will shed light on how to solve this problem according to my experience. My way is to be processed under the help of a free online website tool named Free Online OCR Converter, which is developed by VeryPDF company.

  • Go to its webpage to have a glance of it. Or you can know a little bit more from the following snapshot of its interface.

Software interface of free online OCR Converter
           Fig. 1. Software interface of free online OCR Converter

Now you may can not help wondering that"Can this free online software be used to copy phone numbers and email addresses from a discussion forum? And how to make it?”

  • As the software interface shows, it only supports image file formats  and it does not support website. So please snapshot the part where contains phone numbers and email addresses then save it locally or online.
  • Follow the steps showed on the interface, please upload the snapshot first.
  • This software supports more than 20 languages. Please choose the corresponding  language according to the content.
  • Please choose the page segmentation according to your needs. Say if you need to keep the original format in image, please choose “Orientation and script detection OSD((On Screen Display)) only”.
  • Then please click Upload and Convert directly.
  • A few seconds later, all the content in image file will be shown in the text file.

By this way, both of energy and time can be saved abundantly. The most important is that you do not need to shrink your wallet.

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