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VeryPDF Free Online Document Viewer is cloud based application, which allows you to view documents in the browser without any third party application installed. It escape users from MS Office, PDF application installation. With Free Online Document Viewer, you can view PowerPoint, word, PDF, image and other files directly in browser.

Here is an situation that if you are a teacher, when you teach a lesson by PowerPoint and you need to let each student install PowerPoint before beginning the lesson. However, if you use VeryPDF Free Online Document Viewer, all you need to do is that upload PowerPoint lesson to website and then you get and URL of it. When you teach lesson, tell your students the URL and then they can view PowerPoint lesson through browser directly. The most important, this free Online Document Viewer can work at any computer system and any kind of browsers, so it is quite easy and convenient to use it.

Please rest assured that you did not upload the files to the Free Online Document Viewer site – the original file still lives on our web server. It is not a repository to store documents.  If I delete the original file on our web server, the link to the Free Online Document Viewer breaks since the original file is no longer available. You can retain complete control over the source file, but the user gets the benefit of not having to download and open a uploaded file. VeryPDF Free Online Document Viewer server will not store or transfer any customer files.

When and who may need VeryPDF Free Online Document Viewer?

Here I will take some examples to show you when and who may need Free Online Document Viewer.

  • From a technical perspective, there are some barriers for students or some person to install some applications for viewing some special files. Say if you let a 8 year old student to install MS PowerPoint application, it is a little complicated. 
  • When you try to deal with  files which is a lesser extent these hold true for PDF files as well, although PDF is by far a more web friendly format than PowerPoint. In another word, when you read files which is not website friendly, this application is quite helpful.
  • Out of security consideration, when you need to publish files online but you do not need to let us the viewer download or print the uploaded file. This application is quite helpful as it allows you to control view options according to your needs.
  • There are more cases I can not list them all of them here. In a word, this free online application is quite helpful for you.

By using a service like Free Online Document Viewer, you can save time of installing many applications. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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