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Question:Could you please teach me how to lock PDF file so that people can not copy it or edit it or print it but people still can open the PDF file? I am student, if there is some free online solution that would be better?

Answer: According to your needs, maybe you can have a free trial of VeryPDF cloud based application named VeryPDF PDF Encryptor Cloud API, by which you can encrypt and protect existing PDF documents with up to 256-bit with the standard (40/128-bit) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard - 128/256-bit) algorithms. When you need to protecting PDF from being copied, edited or printed but allowing to be opened, you can set owner password and disable options mentioned above. And this API is free online , so you do not need to spend money on it. But there will be watermark on output if you use the free version. The watermark will not affect the locking PDF effect. Please check more information of this software on homepage, in the following part, I will show you how to use this software.

Lock PDF within browser.

  • All the VeryPDF APIs run conversion within browser. During the using, you do not need to download any third party application but you need to make the browser and web net connection available.
  • Upload local PDF file to online PDF file by VeryPDF ShareFile. Now this software can not help you lock PDF file locally.
  • Open browser and input URL following the below examples.

    By the above URL, we can lock an online PDF file with owner password 456 by 40 bit encryption. If you do not add any parameters, the above URL will disable all the ability like printing, copying, modifying and other. When you need to add both open password and owner password allowing printing, copying and others options, please refer to the following URL:
    By the above URL, we can encrypt an Online PDF file with owner password 456 and open password 123 and allowing Printing, Modifying Contents, Screen Readers, Modifying Annotations and Copying Contents.
    Here are some parameters for your reference:

    [security_owner_pw <owner password>]
    [security_user_pw <user password>]
        security_Printing: Top Quality Printing
        security_DegradedPrinting: Lower Quality Printing
        security_ModifyContents: Also allows security_Assembly
        security_CopyContents: Also allows security_ScreenReaders
        security_ModifyAnnotations: Also allows security_FillIn
        security_AllFeatures: Allows the user to perform all of the above, and top
        quality printing.

By this free API, we can lock PDF free online. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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