OCR a PDF file with more than 100 pages to plain text file

We are using "VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter Command Line" to convert PDF file to text file now.


But the OCR is not working for pages more than 100 in PDF file, its shows following error and stopped, attached is PDF, pls provide a solution.


Thanks for your message, your PDF file contains text contents, you can run following command line to convert your PDF file to text file directly,

ocr2any.exe -layout D:\Downloads\aab.pdf D:\Downloads\aab.txt

The evaluation version can only convert first a few pages from PDF file to text file, if you want to convert more pages from PDF file to text file, you may purchase the full version from following web page,


If you want to force OCR to recognize more than 100 pages from PDF file to text file, you can use "-grouppages" option, for example,

ocr2any.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -ocr2 -grouppages 5 -ocrmode 0 test_table_ocr.pdf _test_table_ocr.txt


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