How to convert text file to PDF file from IIS Service without administrator privileges?

Good Morning,

We are using VeryPDF for text to PDF conversion in Web API application. The text to PDF conversion works only when the IIS service user account (configured in app pool) has an administrator privileges. Many of our customers are not okay to configure app pool account with admin privileges as it is a serious security concern.

Please let us know a solution to run VeryPDF through a non-admin App pool user account.



Thanks for your message, we have created a new version of text2pdf.exe software to you, you can run following command line to convert a text file to PDF file easily,

text2pdf.exe test.txt out.pdf

You can also call it from your web application to convert from text file to PDF file, the new version of text2pdf.exe doesn't require administrator privilege.

If you want to call text2pdf.exe from classic ASP web page, you will need to use an EXE COM of VeryPDFComRunCmd.exe, please find following web page for more information,

after you install and configured VeryPDFComRunCmd.exe in your system, you can use following ASP code to call text2pdf.exe application, enjoy it,


set VeryPDFCom = Server.CreateObject("VeryPDFCom.RunCmd")
dim nRetVal, bRet
strRet = VeryPDFCom.RunCmd2("D:\VeryPDF\text2pdf.exe D:\input.txt D:\output.pdf", 5)
Response.Write strRet & vbCrlf



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