Use DocConverter COM to convert TIFF to PDF file

Hello - We have two questions:

1)    Are we able to convert TIF to PDF with DocConverter or PDFCamp without the GUI?  If so, how do we do this?
2)    We want to use 2.3 and we have 2.1.  What do we need to do?  Our current password does not work.

Thanks in advance.
When we try to use the service to convert tif, we get the attached error.
I am the software developer for XXXXXXXXXXX that works with your product.  I just wanted to add some additional information about the problem we're having.  The software performs as expected when we use it with ".doc" files.  I attempted to use the exact same code to convert a ".tif" file to ".pdf" when we receive the error shown in the graphic of Jeff's email.  For reference, the code I execute is the following:

Private Sub ConvertDOCtoPDF(ByVal DocName As String, ByVal PdfName As String)
Dim PdfCreator As New PDFOUTLib.PdfCreator
PdfCreator.html2PDF = DocName
PdfCreator.fileName = PdfName
PdfCreator = Nothing
End Sub

As I mentioned this works find when performed on files of type ".doc", but does not seem to work for files of type ".tif".  Also, I had noticed that the "print" option for files of type ".tif" was associated with a different application from the one associated with ".doc" files.  Unfortunately, making the changes so that the two file types use the same application for printing did not resolve the problem.  If you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me with your inquiries.
Thanks for your message, DocConverter COM is can only convert office documents and HTML files to PDF files, it can't convert TIFF files to PDF files, if you wish convert TIFF files to PDF files, please download Image to PDF Converter from our website to try, you can use Image to PDF Converter to convert TIFF files to PDF files quickly,

also, PDF Editor Toolkit Professional Version is can also convert TIFF files to PDF files, you can download PDF Editor Toolkit Professional Version from following web page to try,


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