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This article will show you how to add annotation text box for the PDF document with PDF Editor. Please download the application at and you need to install it on your computer for further using. This is an easy task and if you can read the following contents carefully,

Firstly, please open the application via one of the following given ways:

  1. Click “Start”—“All Programs”—“VeryPDF PDF Editor v2.6”—“VeryPDF PDF Editor”.
  2. Double click the application icon this you have created a desktop one.
  3. Right click the icon and click “Open” in dropdown list.

Secondly, in the opened interface of PDF Editor, you need to open the PDF document into the application. In “Open” dialog box, you are allowed to choose the PDF document which needs to add annotation text box. You can use any one of the following ways to open the dialog box.

  1. Click “File” in menu area and click “Open” option in dropdown list.
  2. Click “Open” button to straightforward open the dialog box.
  3. Use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “O” to open the dialog box.

Thirdly, just add annotation text box to the inputted PDF document in PDF Editor. For activating the comment status, please use one of the following ways:

  1. Click “Edit Comment” button in toolbar.
  2. Click “File” in menu are and click “Edit Comment” in dropdown list.

Then you can use the buttons which become to be available at once. Just click “Add textbox” button or click “Tools”—“Comment”—“Text Box”. Move the cursor to the position you want to add textbox and drag the cursor to a rectangle box. Double-click the text box, then the color of border of the box becomes to red, and you can regulate its width and height by dragging the angle or the middle of the edge. You can also add the contents into it.

When right clicking the annotation text box, you will be able to edit the text box and edit the properties for it when you click “Properties” option in floating item. Please see it in Figure 1.

add annotation text box in PDF Editor

                                                                   Figure 1

For knowing the functions of each option in “Properties” dialog box, you can read the user manual of PDF Editor at Then please click “Save” button in the toolbar or click “File”—“Save” to save the changes.

Lastly, please create a new PDF document by clicking “File”—“Save as” in which you can save the new PDF document with new path, new name, etc. If you need to purchase PDF Editor, please enter its homepage at

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